Lovely sunrise

Sunrise as I was out running this morning. (Pity about the cable!)

Again I was awake before the alarm. Perhaps I should go to bed later. I’m doing a bit of an experiment to see if it’s true that going to bed and getting up at the same time each day is good for you. I try to be in bed by 21:30 which means I get 7.5 hrs sleep if I get up at 05:00. I’m beginning to wonder if 7.5 hrs sleep may be to much for me.

Luis was champion of the ball this morning with Fido as runner-up. The others spent most of the time wandering around aimlessly. We didn’t rush back so it was sunrise as Fido and I left the camping. The proof is above. The others had been put in their houses before I left as they have been getting a little noisy in my absence. Not necessarily when I was out early but while I was out in Paleochora on my bike.

We did our 8km, avoided the various plant working on the pipe-laying roadworks and got back to the camping for a nice hot shower. For me anyway. Next, I went to Petrakis which turned into a bit of a marathon. I got chatting to Yannis about WW1 as he’d been watching the History Channel the night before. We had a conversation about the First War and the fact that tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the cessation of hostilities. Then we got into WW2 and various films and went through most of the list including Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, The Longest Day, The Blue Max, A Bridge Too Far and The Battle of the Bulge. I didn’t mention Ill Met by Moonlight as it was neither filmed in Crete nor particularly noteworthy especially as it was made in 1957 but it did have Dirk Bogart in it!

When I came out of Petrakis I got talking to a woman who was born in Chania but lived quite a lot of her time in UK. She still lives in UK during the summer and has a place in Dorset. She got talking to me about diet so it was an interesting conversation. Then Monika, who came to the camping in May 2017 came up to me as she’d sent me a text message asking me if I was at the camping and if it was open. For some reason, she didn’t receive my reply. I suspect she was up for a good chat but I needed to get back for my 12:00 weekly phone call. She will come to the camping in a few days she says. I expect she will be glad of a hot shower if the weather turns wet or cold. Apparently, she has sold up in Germany and lives most of her time in her van. It’s not a huge van but well fitted out for her needs. Not much scope when the weather turns nasty though. There’s no loo or bathroom.

I ate my breakfast and then it was telephone call time.

The afternoon trundled by and I did a little IT work for Furniture Helpline in Bordon. They have just acquired a nice new NAS and are getting rid of their server. I was setting it up and installing it.

Another day when I’ve not really had time to play with my new drone! The evening walk was fine and a huge motorhome passed us and turned round in the Grammeno Beach car park. Slightly later, I received a call from a Swiss couple who were in the camping. I guessed it was the same motorhome and it was. I put the dogs to bed and fed them then popped down to have a quick chat. Another Old Guy with an Apple Watch 4! Their motorhome is very nice too. A huge Mercedes.

My rice is cooked so I need to eat.


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