Moving towards Winter Mode

It has not been cold although there is a bit of a wind and likely to be more tomorrow and Wednesday. Gusting to around 60km/h I suspect although the forecast is more. The weather forecast from Friday to Tuesday, if it comes to pass, looks less than appealing.

Forecast, as of Monday, for Friday to Tuesday

Again, Luis was the star of the Early Walk with Fido as distant runner-up. The stars were particularly interesting and I had plenty of time to admire them whilst Luis decided to slope off with the ball to a location far over the rocks. Fortunately, he reliably brings himself and the ball back into play. I was watching Venus rising brightly in the east.

Fido and I ran only 6km as I felt we did enough yesterday. I bought a load of vegetables when I cycled to Paleochora and looked at Yannis’ photos of Lissos which he visited with some friends yesterday. He said he was feeling a little battered as he slipped and damaged a toe which had been victim to a previous misadventure.

A German couple arrived at the camping, mostly to use the washing machine I expect, so I doubt they will stay more than one night. They had a huge Toyota Landcruiser in which they sleep. They have taken up a position right outside the kitchen.

I was busy with computery things starting with finishing off for Furniture Helpline. Several emails were exchanged and I did some research for them.

I made supper before going out with the dogs so it’s all ready to go. What it will taste like is anyone’s guess.

The Evening walk was less calm then usual due to the presence of a fish-torturer located at the southernmost point. He was serenaded a while by Oskar and Luis while I simply marched on with the rest of the crew. We encountered a small tent and group of men returning to it later on. There may have an early awakening in the morning. They are probably Russian by the snippet I managed to grab as we passed in the gathering dusk.

Must eat!


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