Windy weather

I’m ignoring Fido who has been AWOL the longest. Pea, Luis and Fido decided not to return after the Evening Walk presumably as a result of huge pile of poo left by last night’s FreeLoaders. Yum-yum. Fido is getting anxious and making a noise which is a sure way of guaranteeing that I’m not going to do anything. The other two have been sent to their beds without food. No easy thing when I’m feeding them only in the evening. It’s a long wait until tomorrow evening! Now Georgia’s dogs are making a racket too.

A new arrival early in the morning from Austria. A contact of Peter’s. She sold up her flat as she felt isolated, bought a brand new motorhome, learned how to drive it so now intends to live the life of a vagrant. She tells me she’ll be flying back to Austria in February to celebrate her daughter’s fortieth birthday. She kindly invited me into her motorhome so that I could enjoy the plush surroundings. A far cry from my own abode but I know which I prefer.

Later in the day, I ended up in the huge motorhome the Swiss spend a lot of their time in. I went to get the money for the camping but we got chatting. Now, there’s a surprise. One of the things I enjoy about this time of the year but it’s difficult to keep all the balls in the air. Especially as I spent time in Paleochora shopping electric meters for the camping this morning. Then Maria found one cheaper in Chania so I can see this is never going to be completed.

The Swiss are travelling along parallel with the south coast tomorrow so it should be and interesting experience given the size of their vehicle. They will report back to me how it went so that I can add their experience to my knowledge base.

What with running around after customers and Xanthippos, who appears to be back in favour now, the day has been quickly consumed.

There were a few spots of rain before the Evening walk but it has turned to nothing. Rain is still forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday with more wind tomorrow. Thursday should be sunny. I am receiving alarms from Blitzortung as I write. There must be a storm nearby. They are off the coast of Egypt and heading away so I can live with that.


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