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The wind did not blow as much during the night as forecast which was a blessing. It has been more windy today from about midday onwards with gusts to 71.6km/h. It has been sunny or it would have been downright cold. Despite the wind, the sea was calm and perfect for swimming. The fact that there was no one around to swim was beside the point.

After the Early Walk, where all returned as expected, I went for a run. This time without Fido as company. I ran to Paleochora and beyond to the PAWS puppy village and then around the port. By the time I was back at the camping I’d run just over 12km in about 1:30. Certainly no record with an average of 7’13”. Strangely, my Move and Exercise rings were completed by the time I was back. The Stand had to wait a little longer. The only times I stopped was to see the dogs and take a quick photo of Paleochora.

Paleochora from the end of the port

I went back to Paleochora for some shopping, this time by bike. I needed to be sure of having enough food considering it could be raining on Friday and Saturday making a trip to town unpleasant and unnecessary.

The Swiss couple in the fancy motorhome were preparing to depart as I returned on my bike. Edwin was emptying the greywater tank into the camping’s underground tank. The motorhome can be remote controlled and the rams that stabilise it can be set down on one side to tilt the vehicle to one side thus facilitating the emptying of the tank. All clever stuff! The toilet is more traditional, just a cassette type which you remove from the van and pour into the drain. They are setting off eastwards to explore other parts of the island. It will be interesting to see if they return to the camping.

The German couple with the Landcruiser and the dog also left today following a two-day stay. They visited Petrakis as I was chatting to Yannis. The supermarket is a bit like the proverbial Paris Café: stay there long enough and the entire world will come past you.

We are now down to the inhabitants of T1 and T3 plus the two long-stay motorhomes, one English, the other Austrian.

There was not much to do after breakfast so I busied myself with folding up yesterday’s washing but have not quite got round to putting it all away. I have to swap over the winter clothes for the summer clothes as I suspect I will not be needing too many summer clothes from now on. There were some little IT tasks but the rest of the time was taken up with other small projects. 

I wandered over to see our new Austrian arrival from yesterday as I knew she had been to the bank to collect some money. I was invited in for a chat and we nibbled on some nuts. She doesn’t speak a lot of English but understands me ok making conversation a little onesided. Whilst there, a motorhome came into the camping, did a circuit and then left. Presumably, they didn’t like what they saw or were looking for someone. I spoke to them only very briefly.

Tonight’s culinary masterpiece is particularly simple as it consists of some more cauliflower, carrots, runner beans and spinach, all on a bed of rice as they’d say in a menu. The rice and the carrots are cooking as I type and the beans and spinach will be bunged in after four minutes as they require only two minutes to cook.

There is a fair amount of flapping tent about me but nothing in comparison to having a fabric awning. That really drove me crackers! The wind is still quite strong and the temperature has taken a bit of a dive. I imagine I will be shutting the door when I go in this evening and probably leaving it closed overnight.

Xanthippos came to explain why he’d not been present to do the welding we’d talked about yesterday. Georgia has given him the task of replacing the lower rail of the sliding gates as this has been weakened due to being eaten away by the salt and buried in the drifting sand. Apparently, he went to the doctors to be told he has high blood pressure so is unable to work today until the medication kicks-in.

An email from Georgia alerts me to a Royal Visit tomorrow so it’s lucky everyone has paid up what they owe. There’s about 800€ in the office drawer, more than I’m really comfortable with. I might bring up the subject of a safe again. I won’t mention that Antonis may supply one for free.

Obi is looking a little chilly and the thermometer in the van proclaims it’s 18.5C which I feel is a little on the chilly side for eating my supper. We shall definitely have the door shut and will put on the heater too I suspect.


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