More flamin’ FreeLoaders

Contrary to expectations, there was rain this morning! Only once we’d returned from the Early Walk so I hung around a little before going out running. It was another marching walk this morning and I managed over 5km before the run. Despite the cloud, it was even possible to see a few stars which has been lacking for the past few days. The walk otherwise, was uneventful.

The road was dry enough to cycle so I decided to go into Paleochora after my run. I’d intended to run only 6km but somehow ended up doing 8km bringing today’s total run or walked to 19.12km. I’m unlikely to go much further now as the next event on the agenda is some food.

The morning involved a load of washing for the Austrian guy in T1 which was followed then by some deep meditation on my part. It was sunny and warm so meditation was easily achieved. After all, by 10:00, I’d been up over five hours, walked over 5km and run another 8km. I feel a little meditation is justified.

I emerged from my compound to find the Austrian woman’s van parked with the rear almost on the door of the washing machine room and the front towards the Central Kitchen. She told me that she wanted somewhere in the sun and this was it. I said that she couldn’t park in that location and , after some attempts on her behalf to hold the ground, she agreed to move elsewhere. I found her a splendid location and pruned some of the trees so that she could get in. She is now in a sensible spot not in anyone’s way.

I’d visited the electrician on Friday, after the dentist, and purchased an electrical box and an external socket so I could build a meter box. The desire to actually build the box had evaporated during the weekend but I felt that I should bite the bullet and get it done. I suppose it took me an hour or so to put it all together and now it looks like this.

Once the meter box was completed, I went down to Chris and Claire to fit it so that we can start measuring their consumption as they will be here for a while.

I then prepared some food for this evening and took the dogs out for the evening walk. I’ve been releasing all the dogs bar Obi and Princess is particularly talented at finding interlopers on the Promontory. She discovered some FreeLoaders camped by the Large Rock. They got a good barking at by most of the dogs which serves them right for being there. On the way back to the camping we passed the car park where I discovered a lone car parked near to the toilets. Given that it was dark by now ant this location is far from anywhere, they are not there for the view…


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