Long Early Walk

My sleep was interrupted due to some slight Oskar activity but possibly also down to excessive Black Tea consumption too late in the day. It had rained in the night so the decking was wet however the leads were reasonably dry even though they are hung over the fence at night. I needed to reorganise myself now that Oskar is on his own in the storeroom. I wasn’t thinking very carefully and managed to let Obi slip out of the gate. As far as I know he was well behaved and was mooching about on the beach as I walked back with the others much later.

I decided to walk a lot and perhaps stay out a little longer as the dogs were short-changed the previous day. Princess walks nicely on the lead so it was much easier with only one dog. She was flagging a bit near the end and I let her go at about 06:45 when it mattered less if she decided to go back to the camping. As it was, she moved very little from where she had been released and simply joined the other dogs who were fed up with walking. By the end, I’d walked 8.75km which, together with the evening walk and my wanderings during the day, leaves a total of 13.65km for the day. Considering there is no running involved, it’s all down to walking.

It was broad daylight as we got back and I was not planning to run or cycle so the dogs were left out of their houses. I went to turn on the water heaters for showers and got talking to Richard, the Dutch guy, who will be leaving us soon to take up residence in the apartment he’s renting with his wife in Chania. She has yet to arrive in Crete as she is presently waiting for her new glasses to arrive.

I showered and did a few odd jobs before stopping for breakfast which was a little diminished as I’d not done any fruit shopping since Monday. Hopefully, tomorrow morning will be dry and I can go into Paleochora. I could have alternatives but prefer fruit.

The day trundled by with few interruptions. I was working on Inter Sport’s server at the Haywards-Heath store as there was a problem with the backup. I’ve provided a workaround now and need to come up with a more permanent solution.

The weather has been warm and quite sunny but it was windier than I’d expected. It became cloudy in the afternoon so the moon was playing hide-and-seek behind the clouds on the Evening Walk. Luis and Fido were up for more ball-chasing and both of them can run very quickly when in pursuit of the ball. They dutifully hung onto their respective balls as we eventually wandered the rocks before returning for the Wednesday Meat!

Oskar seems already to have got the hang of being in the storeroom and I need to come up with a better solution to prevent Obi slipping out of the gate in the morning. Maybe I’ll grab Oskar once I have all of the others on their leads and we’re setting off. It provides scope for entanglement if I’m not careful. I need to install a secret gate in the fence between the field and Alonáki Beach, then we can go through the gate and across the field. I’m sure the sheep won’t mind.


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  1. Eleanor Austin avatar
    Eleanor Austin

    We had snow last night with a bitter wind. Hail at around 6am but sunshine by 10 which melted almost everything, just the odd handful in sheltered corners. A fresh walk for me this afternoon!

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