Back on track

It was Fido who woke me this morning at 04:30. The time was not so important, just the horrid noise he was making. Why was he barking? Who knows? The important bit was that he stopped. I didn’t bother going back to sleep as I’d be getting up soon anyway. I was more organised and managed not to let Obi slip the gate. I put him, Princess and Charlie on the line attached to a tree outside whilst I got Fido, Luis and Pea. Then I went to the storeroom for Oskar before setting off down the camping. The excitement level appears to have reduced except when there’s a cat of course. Even so, the dogs are fairly well behaved.

I walked 5.56km this morning, not all with Obi and Princess. I let her off and she stayed with the others as the day before. She seems capable of staying with the others and not disappearing off on a mission of her own. She returns at the meeting point without problem. Just that I don’t want her to run back to the camping as that it sure to get Georgia’s dogs barking.

It was warm again so I left my coat hanging on a branch whilst walking. I put it on at the end to go over the rocks as it’s more exposed. There were more stars to look at but still quite a few clouds too. The moon was present for the first part of the walk but was interrupted by the clouds initially and by the horizon after that. Each day it will rise later so will be present early saving me having to use a torch. Assuming there are clear skies…

I ran 6km before returning for a shower and then off to Paleochora as I needed to do some shopping. Yannis was outside the store and telling me he plans to go to a running event at Iraklion on Sunday. There is a choice of 7km or 21km, for the more serious. He doesn’t feel ready for 21km although he runs a lot harder than me. Running UP Anydri Gorge and then further up the mountain is one of his frequent training sessions. He goes to the gym in the evenings after work for a couple of hours occasionally too. He says he sleeps well after that!

I spent quite a bit of the day messing about with backup software on the H-Heath server. I think I have it cracked now hopefully. A little food preparation so it’s all ready to go when I come back from the Evening Walk. The dogs have been reasonably quiet today, possibly due to all the walking this morning. Some chickened out quite early on whilst others cut the corners or holed up centrally to join in at a propitious moment.

Georgia’s dogs are in full song so I’ll wander down the camping to check out the beach before taking out the dogs. There was nothing much on the beach only the German guy in the red VW camper up against the fence alongside Ammos Beach Café. He has been there since yesterday. I ought to go and chat to him tomorrow I suppose. I wonder if he knows the camping is only about 50m from his van?

The Evening Walk was without incident. Princess appears to have embraced the concept of keeping with the others. Together but separately, as she likes to investigate on her own. In the past she has always wanted to go on her own walk which was a parallel affair than with the others. Fido and Luis did a lot of ball-chasing so hopefully both will fall into a deep relaxing sleep to the benefit of all.

Despite the ominous collection of clouds, no rain is forecast for tonight. I can see the moon trying to dodge the clouds as it rises from its hiding place behind the mountains. Hopefully there will be few clouds in the morning so we can walk by moonlight.


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