Transport for Princess

No rude awakenings today and the walk went as expected but with a mere 5.83km covered. I decided to let Princess off the lead at the beginning of the morning walk to see how she would respond. She stayed with the group for quite a while but failed to return to the collection point. She was to be found lurking around outside the German guy’s van on the beach. She came back to the camping with the others but she’s still a bit of a wanderer. At least she wasn’t wandering around making Georgia’s dogs bark.

My run was 6km as I felt it was enough after all the walking. The pipe-laying works have progressed 1km so are at the 3km mark from the camping. I didn’t feel like struggling through all of that just for another 500m. It was bad enough later when I went by bike as I had to dodge machines and other vehicles. The guy with the huge toothpick on the tracked machine which also excavates the trench, stopped the machine to let me pass. Friends in high places – literally.

Yannis was having trouble with his iPhone so descended on me as soon as I arrived at the store. His screen keeps going black for some reason. He takes the phone everywhere and it gets a bit of a bashing so it’s not too surprising it’s playing up. He suggested it might be a Black Friday ruse from Apple to encourage him to get an upgrade! I finally did my shopping and rode back the the camping. The machines were no working on the pipe-laying as I went back so it was easy-peasy!

There have been a number of IT calls including from the EG accountants which are in Haslemere. I was quite surprised when I saw the 01428 prefix on the phone call. Apparently, the company has closed their other office and consolidated their business in Haslemere. Plenty of rich people there who require accountants! Another, blast from the past, was from RIVA insurance brokers in London. I’ve not done any work for them in a while.

I got a call from Sarah, who stayed at the camping a week or so ago. She had found someone who might be willing to transport Princess in their car when they returned to UK at the beginning of December. This would have been ok but I understand that they have cold feet and have changed their minds. They seemed a bit fussy anyway so it might have been a struggle. Sarah is going to the local Irish Bar in a day or so and there seems no end to her contacts.

The Evening Walk was a shade earlier as I wanted to get back before dark. The weather has turned a little chilly now that there is a northerly wind. It was fine whilst the sun was shining but I’m not finding it too warm sitting outside at 18:45 writing this. The present forecast predicts doom and gloom for next week as you can see for yourself.

The forecast for next week

I need to get more organised as rain in conjunction with cooler temperatures will require heating and dog rearranging. I plan to bring the Brown Dogs into the van at least at nighttimes. I can then have each outside dog in a dry, insulated house with Oskar in the storeroom. He seems to like it in there anyway and seems not to be fussed being on his own. I also need to sort out the van as it’s not been really cold for a while. 

My supper is getting under pressure and will soon hopefully start to cook. It’s an Instant Pot ‘bung it all in’ job so it will be interesting to see how it comes out. I have enough ingredients for a repeat performance tomorrow.

The gas has just run out so I need to change the bottle.


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