Winter maintenance

The moon was almost full and the sky was clear so I was able to see what was in front of me as I walked around the Promontory. Dawn broke and took over from the moonlight. It was a pleasant experience and Obi, Princess and I walked our 6.21km of the Early Walk. The finale was a walk across the rocks and then home.

I ran 6km but no further as I reckoned I’d done enough walking before hand. There was a strong wind and needed nothing from Petrakis so it didn’t take too much for me to decided not to cycle. I reckoned I could close my rings even before the Evening Walk.

It was cold in the wind so I decided some porridge might be in order. I have been trying a number of methods of cooking porridge in the Instant Pot yet none has been without its drawbacks. This morning, for example, I released the pressure too quickly so ended up cleaning the lid of the Instant Pot yet again. I’d only done it yesterday. Note to self: starchy things do better with a slow pressure release! Anyway, I think it’s better to cook the porridge in a pot inside the Instant Pot as this might stop the oats from sticking to the bottom of the pot. I shall give it a go when next it’s cooler. I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long for that.

My weekly phone call came next and I sat in the sun baking whilst talking. In fact, I went outside on a couple of occasions as it was so warm. Luis seemed particularly vocal today so he was one of the reasons for my trips outside.

I had something to eat after the phone call and then considered the possibility of dismantling the fan behind the gas heater. The heater is quite effective at providing heat although it is much better if the heat is blown around inside the van. I’ve done a number of repairs on the control electrics of the fan but not cleaned it properly before, only lubricated it last season. The heater needed cleaning anyway as it was bunged up with… you can guess, dog hairs! There was also a considerable amount of dust and general dirt. I hoovered everything out and managed to take it all to pieces to clean the fan which came apart relatively easily. Everything finally went back together but I finished rather late as I should have started much earlier.

The Evening Walk was considerably later than I would like as we set off in the final glimmer of light over the horizon. This walk was darker than the morning one as then, at least, there was the moon! Too early for the moon this evening as it rises at 18:38 and we were back by then.

The Instant Pot had been reheating a frozen meal from the freezer and some rice is now in the Instant Pot cooking. The other is keeping warm over some boiling water. Soon time to eat and fall into a heap.

Tomorrow should be reasonably nice weather but Monday – Thursday are not looking too promising at this point in time.


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