I didn’t mean to but – 12Km again

The upcoming forecast for the next few days is anything but promising:

Rain, rain, showers rain (approximately 75mm forecast)

The Early Walk was a long one, both in duration as well as distance. We were not back in the camping until 07:30 and we left just after 05:00. We also walked 7.40Km giving me a total distance for today of 23.63Km which includes the Evening Walk of 1.37Km and the run of 12.10Km. I have now completed 415.5km from my November Challenge of 437.4km for the month.

The run, like Topsy, grew. I only intended running 6Km as I felt that I’d walked enough. When I got to the 3Km mark I decided to continue for another 1Km and so on until I found myself running round the breakwater out to the lighthouse at the port. Also, unless I’m mistaken, the three mature dogs hanging around PAWS puppy village appear to have found some sort of arrangement with someone who lives on one of the larger boats which seem to be permanently moored at the port.

I enjoyed my shower and then eventually had some breakfast followed by some general lazing about. I had intended to sweep up all the leaves in the bathrooms but…

It was windless so I decided to take the drone for a flight to the end of the Promontory and back. I’m still getting the hang of all the controls but managed to take a couple of photos. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a means of getting the images from the memory card to the MacBook or to my iPhone. Only the low quality images beamed back to the controller during the flight.

My Austrian neighbour has moved her motorhome so that it now faces south much in the same position as Lau last year. She managed this manoeuvre without assistance from me but I came for a little chat anyway. She came in to see the dogs as I felt she should see her neighbours. Interestingly, there was little barking, even from Oskar.

I needed to get on with fabricating some food as I ate from the freezer last night due to one thing or another. I had to use up the ingredients I purchased on Friday. I have food for breakfast tomorrow morning as I foresaw that it might be too wet to cycle. I shall eat from the freezer in the evening and then see how things are going on Tuesday. I can always take the car if the rain is unrelenting.

It was sunny for most of the day and very warm this morning. The sky clouded over as the evening progressed and is now quite overcast. I doubt the moon will be visible later. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Sunrise this morning


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