Only just in time!

The lovely Dominika from Poland eventually arrived in the camping around 20:00. I’d decided to sit and wait in the office which might not have been the best decision in light of her lateness. The battery on her iPhone had run out so she pulled into a filling station to charge it up. There were some men leering at her which made her uncomfortable, so she left after a few minutes. Then she stopped in a café somewhere on the road to ask directions and the nice people jumped in their pickup and escorted her to the camping. Fortunately for me else she might yet be wandering the mountains. Consequently, I was late getting my supper which I had fortunately prepared beforehand. I ate my grub, watched a little of Tony Robinson and his drones discovering hidden parts of UK on C4 which included Dounreay nuclear facility in Caithness: then went to bed.

I woke in the night as hail battered the metal roof above the van followed by heavy rain. Since midnight, 12.8 mm rain has fallen, almost half that predicted for the period from 07:00 today.

We walked under a moonlit sky in warm conditions. Everything was wet but nothing was falling from the mostly clear sky. The sea was quite rough so we stood high up to watch the sea battering against the rocks below. Walking along the rocks would have been tricky considering the direction of the wind and waves. Luis seems to have mislaid his ball however Fido still had his at the end of the walk.

I went for a run but could see that the roads were going to be very wet. The rain would have washed down loads of sand and soil so I decided to explore the local byways to make a change.

My morning run amongst the greenhouses
6.79km – 51:41

This run was a departure from the norm and required quite a bit of ‘UP’. There was less traffic and consequently less chance of being deluged by passing motorists driving through the puddles. Most are fairly considerate however there is always one..

I could see a rainbow in the distance so hurried back to the camping just in time to avoid being soaked. There was only a short downpour but enough to get extremely damp!

No need for a trip to Paleochora today and the roads were too wet for cycling comfortably. The new Austrian couple wanted the washing machine this morning but I have no idea how they got their washing dry as there were heavy showers several times during the day.

I worked on Dina’s computer which I fear has a faulty hard disk. I reinstalled Windows but the disk developed errors. I may resort to giving them a secondhand disk and leave it at that.

I have made the second of three meter boxes for motorhomes and caravans. This time the socket is inside the box which means the door must be left open. Not ideal from a humidity standpoint but will do the job until I get some more of the sockets which will fit flush under the main box.

The meter box consumed the remainder of the afternoon until the Evening Walk. This was a hurried affair as there were large, threatening clouds stacking up to the south. I hurried the dogs around the traditional circuit as I wanted to get back and feed them before the storm arrived. As it turned out, the storm is yet to come and I’m half-way through cooking my supper. A more complicated affair involving large brown beans and rice with onion, garlic and a pepper or two with a couple of carrots. A box of tomato juice/purée will go in for a quick reheat at the end.

The heavy showers accounted for an additional 0.40mm but I suspect we may not be done for the day.

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