No Wind!

The wind blew hard all night so the van was rocking around. I’ve had it worse as the maximum gust was a mere 78km/h. It was still windy and cold in the morning so my desire to spend a long time wandering around in the dark was limited, surprisingly. We went out at 05:50 following a little lie-in. The walk was a marching affair as I wanted to come some ground and to clock up some kms. Princess and Obi kept up well and we completed 5.41km on the Early Walk.

I decoded to run along the road towards Paleochora and discovered that the pipe-laying has advanced as far as 3km from Grammeno. The machines were working at the 3km marker which is why I turned around slightly before my usual 6km. It was still very windy however I reckoned it would be more windy if I went up amongst the greenhouses on the mountain. I need to reconsider my route as running alongside the roadworks is very messy if it’s at all damp so I may decide to use the greenhouse route tomorrow.

I got my hot shower and then wandered the camping briefly to see that everyone had survived the night. I didn’t need to go to Paleochora and the strong northeasterly wind would have made cycling difficult. It was hard enough running into the wind. The Polish lady mentioned she was very cold so I said I would locate a heater for her little cabin. Olivia came in to see what needed doing although I don’t think she’s officially back to work until Monday. She brought me the package which the customs wanted to charge me 23€ for. It would seem they have given up on the idea of collecting the money…

Olivia and I searched for a heater and I finally asked Antonis if he had one we could borrow for a few days. He just brought it to me on his way to Chania where he’s going to watch Robin Hood with a friend. A long way to go to see a film. Dominika is very grateful to have received the heater for her small cabin.

I moved Château Boris to the SDC so there would be more choices for the dogs when it’s windy. They now have four insulated houses and two igloo houses to choose from so there is no need for any dog to be out if it rains. Even Luis cannot occupy two houses at a time! I discovered he was occupying Château Boris to the detriment of Oskar when it was raining. Fido is happy to share with the whole world. Luis gets very fed up if he is every on the outside…

I sat in the sun out of the wind under the canopy and relaxed my eyelids for a while before taking the now working computer back to Dina. They were all having lunch as I arrived so I connected up the computer and promptly left bearing a big bag of small cucumbers and a promise of some tomatoes from the greenhouses in a couple of days. Note to self – recipes involving tomatoes. It didn’t take me long to fix the computer as it just required reformatting.

Back at the camping I popped in to see my neighbour Ulrike and to offload some of the twelve cucumbers. She gave me a glass of juice and some interesting German biscuits and we chatted a while as I programmed her phone with a number of weather apps. I think she might get a little lonely at times.

I then went to see Dominika who wanted information about some visits she plans for the next few days. I left just as the sun had set and went out with the dogs. Luis and Fido are again inside with me. Antonis has just dropped off the heater so now I  can relax and eat my supper!


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  1. Eleanor Austin avatar
    Eleanor Austin

    How is Pea getting on? He rarely seems to get a mention! Maybe because he’s a good boy and doesn’t cause trouble…..?

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