I was wrong!

Welcome to December!

Back to normal time, we were out just after 05:00 under a clear sky with the moon shining brightly. A multitude of stars studded the sky and there were no clouds, lightning or thunder: just a significant, north wind. We didn’t walk around too much, not in circuits anyway. We wandered around the Promontory with very little standing still.

For the run, due to the cold northerly wind, I decided to try the greenhouses on the side of the mountain. The theory being that it is the lee of the mountain so shouldn’t be so windy. I was wrong! It was colder and more windy than down on the coastal road. I was struggling to keep going due to the persistent cold from all quarters. I found a more sheltered section so started to warm up making the remainder of the run easier.

Back to the camping for a nice, hot shower before going out to survey the camping and sweep up the leaves blown into the gentlemen’s bathroom by the recent winds. I chatted briefly to the German couple who were here a couple of weeks back. They only stayed one night as they are soon to return to the mainland to help out with the olive harvest. There are few olives on Crete this year but all regions are different.

I ate breakfast which consisted of porridge, an orange discovered left behind in T1 and dried fruit. Then it was time for the weekly tele-con to Lewes. 

I’d not gone to Paleochora in the morning due to the cold wind: I knew it would change direction and calm by the afternoon. I tripped into Petrakis for loads of groceries before paying a visit to Manolis at the filling station to order another large cylinder of gas. The plan is to have two large ones so I can be assured of a constant gas supply. Avoiding any potential shortages due to cold snaps or delivery problems. Planning ahead – my gas stockpile.

Thence to the electrical shop to buy some cable and a couple of sockets to finish off the electric meters for the motorhomes. I wasn’t too happy with the latest as it requires the front door of the box to be left open which I believe will adversely affect the longevity of the meter unit.

Back to Grammeno under a very dark sky to prepare my supper so it could cook during the Evening Walk.

The walk went well and now they are all fed and in bed with the three Brown Dogs inside with me. So long as the status quo persists, it will stay that way until the Spring and the warmer weather. 


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