Tomatoes and peppers

I decided on a lie-in as it’s Sunday and I didn’t need to go anywhere or meet anyone. Consequently, we were not out until nearly 06:00! I chose to do some fast walking to see how many Exercise minutes I could exterminate by walking. The Evening Walk managed only 4 minutes however the Early Walk was more productive with a total of 40 minutes. I had to work hard to get those minutes and walked the length of the Promontory six times to do so. Walking is an inefficient way to gain Exercise points. The dogs seemed to enjoy all the walking about which is the main thing.

For my run, I opted to go to Krios Beach where I found the German couple which had left the camping the day before. I wished them good morning as I passed. There is a new section of road leading to Krios. At present, it just begins and then ends at Krios. It’s the best section of road I’ve seen in a while! My Krios run earned me 65 minutes of exercise, which, together with the forty from walking left me another 15 to find on the Evening Walk.

The Austrian couple with the two dogs and caravan needed the washing machine for two washes so I was up-and-down to that for a couple of hours. Very fastidious about their laundry. 

The morning was warmish but not at all sunny however rain has now appeared but kindly waited until we returned from the walk and nearly all of the dogs had been fed.

Dina and Dimitris arrived with their pickup to drop off a huge bag of tomatoes, bell peppers, and chilly peppers. I must cook up some of the tomatoes tomorrow as there are likely to be casualties in the bag.

I don’t seem to have achieved much today but, then again, it’s Sunday…


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