Snow on the mountains

It was raining through the night although the amount was not that great. It was wet enough at 05:00 for me not to go out and wander around in the dark with a load of dogs. We finally went out around 06:30. We didn’t get wet and we had loads of fun marching up and down the Promontory.

Krios was my run destination once more: the German couple who were at the camping offered me breakfast when I arrived. I declined their generous offer as I needed to get back as it certainly wasn’t warm enough to be hanging around chatting. I could see rain falling from the dark skies over the sea which was another reason for departing.

My morning run – this time going west
9.33km | 66:49

A shower and breakfast with no visits to the washing machine. Dominika wants to do a wash tomorrow morning so I need to organise that when I return from my run. I’m in danger of running out of stuff so also need to use the machine.

The roads were wet so the idea of cycling to Paleochora didn’t appeal to me. I had plenty to eat so no need. I considered going in later but there were more threatening skies.

I chatted to Chris and Claire for a while as we discussed their movements at the end of the month and their camping payments. I sent a summary of receipts to Georgia and received a call from Maria about the couple who will stay in T2 for a few days. They conveniently arrived at 16:30 so I had the time to deal with them before the Evening Walk.

The temporary occupants of T2 are a German couple who have lived in Crete since 1986. They live between Rethimno and Chania, have visited Chania before but are at Grammeno for the first time. I made sure to point out the functioning of the electric heaters so that they should not freeze to death.

Other than some very minor IT support requests it has been a very light day.

An article from Viva Lewes received from Simon Lawrence
My claim to fame!

The snow on the mountains has been with us since the cold rainy days last week. It’s only really a dusting as the features of the mountains are still visible. If things continue, I feel this might be another cold, wet Cretan winter.

I melted down some of my tomato haul and have produced interesting food for this evening and tomorrow. As expected, there were casualties and many of the tomatoes were imperfect so required cutting about. Others are unripe so will last me quite a while.

My food is ready so…

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