They’ve gone!

Frail vestiges of the moon hung in the sky in a perfect line between Venus and Spica, one of the stars which makes up Virgo’s left hand. I’d been awake on-and-off due to Georgia’s dogs making a racket. In fact, I sent her an email at 04:55 mentioning that the dogs had been barking since around 03:00. The mail was addressed to Maria but Georgia would have been able to read it without help.

My plan was to see if it makes any difference to the Exercise minutes if a workout is not running. I marched Obi and Princess up and down the Promontory six times to discover I’d been credited a measly 17/30 Exercise minutes. By the end of a walk, I expect to have over forty. Nothing left other than to do it all again, this time with a workout running. You can enjoy the results below.

 Poor Obi and Princess were dragged a total of 8.53km: the others had the option to cut corners. These two are always on the lead in the morning so have little choice other than to go with me. They are probably happier when Ursula is around as she looks after them whilst I involve myself with ball-throwing.

The run to Krios was more gentle than the previous days as I’d already covered quite a few kms before setting off. The German couple were not there so are presumably making their way back to the north coast to catch their ferry to the mainland. I’d completed 17.95km following the run and now have a total of 24.05 km for the day. Much of that was from wandering around the camping with only 1.42km attributable to the Evening Walk.

My next task was to put on the washing machine for Dominika whereupon I decided to do my own since I’m running out of kit and the weather looks a little ropey over the weekend. Not marvellous drying your kit when the humidity is high and it’s raining outside. Ulrike was the next for the machine so it’s been a bit of a washing day in the camping.

The Austrian couple left to continue their journey eastwards to Sougia and then to Ierápetra, at the far east of the island, where they will stay for Christmas with friends.

I rang the solicitor which Antonis found for me. She is going to advise me on a little business with the camping. She went to school with Antonis and was very pleasant to speak to.

The sunny morning degenerated into a cloudy afternoon but much of the washing was dry especially the sheets which I had hung up on their own. The bed is now made so things should be fine at least until Spring.

There were few other calls upon my time other than another English couple who arrived at 16:30. Their modern Hymer is now parallel with the beach at the west end of the camping. Hopefully Georgia’s dogs will keep quiet tonight. The couple will decide if they will stay for a long time. Apparently, they are off to India in April and require somewhere to store their van.

The Evening walk was uneventful despite the presence of a fisherman at the far end of the Promontory. Neither Princess nor any other dog rushed up to bark at him.


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