An active day

No barking dogs in the night other than a couple of barks from Oskar who kindly shut up when asked.

The Early Walk or March went without any excitement. It was warmish, the sky was mostly clear, and had I not been concentrating on walking up and down to complete my Exercise Goal, I would have been looking at the stars. As it was, we wandered up and down achieving more than yesterday with less effort. The dogs seem to really like all this running up and down which is a bonus as they remain reasonably quiet for the majority of the day.

The Moon and Venus 
The remaining crescent is virtually invisible

By 08:10 I’d achieved both my Move Goal and Exercise average however I managed to increase the Exercise to 178/30 by the end of the day as I cycled into Paleochora to do some shopping. I now have 58 minutes in hand which is useful as the forecast is for rain over the weekend making it less appealing for exercising.

A deputation at the gate consisted of Chris who wished to borrow my scales and David to announce that he and Carol, his wife, would be staying for a month. I therefore needed to make up another electricity meter. We chatted for a while and I promised to remove a tree branch which was scraping the rear of their van. I then went off to construct the extra meter. This seems to have gobbled up much of the afternoon.

I installed the completed meter and then took the dogs for the Evening Walk. By now the wind had got up and it was significantly cooler. I’d not prepared my meal earlier so needed to do that once I’d fed the dogs and put them to bed. It’s not very complicated as it’s spinach and rice tonight. The rice has just cooked so I need to deal with the spinach.


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