Suddenly chilly

There was the slightest sound of light rain upon the roof as I stood putting on my shorts. I was certain no rain was forecast but I checked and WeatherUnderground just to be sure. I went to the loo and found clear skies above so assumed the rain was merely being blown over the mountain by the wind. It wasn’t cold although the wind was fresh.

Th morning March was completed in good time:

Venus with the lights of Paleochora below
Unfortunately, the reflected light on the sea didn’t come out

The photo was an attempt to show the reflected light from Venus on the sea. Venus came out as did the lights of Paleochora, sadly the reflection didn’t make it. After all, the photo was taken in the dark!

A run to Krios followed the walk. The dogs were in their houses recuperating. You might notice the run took longer than previously. Something to do with meeting [and chatting to] Antonis outside of his parents’ house which is amongst the greenhouses not far from Krios Beach.

I put my porridge on to cook while I was in the shower as it takes quite a time if you’re standing there waiting for it. The Instant Pot does not burn it and it does not deteriorate either if left.

Chris and Claire had asked for the washing machine at 10:00 and I’d arranged to see Dina at 12:00 as the hard disk of her computer was still playing up. My plan this time was to swap out the disk with one recovered from an old PC. She only needs the computer to browse the Internet so a rocket ship is not required. She then had me showing her all manner of things on the computer which stretched my Greek to its limits!

Back at the camping, I got on with some admin and then wandered the site. Some of last year’s Albanians were loitering within, asking Dominika if she’d seem me. I duly appeared and was able to tell them that Georgia had decided not to rent to them this winter. Whether that will remain so indefinitely remains to be seen.

I prepared my meal and then took the dogs out for the Evening Walk. It was considerably more chilly by this point so the walk was brisk.

The Instant Pot beeped a little while ago so I’ll soon be able to eat. It was only 16C when I came inside so now the heat is on and warm air blows around my naked legs! 


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