A good morning run

Dawn over Paleochora

The new marching regime seems to be second nature and we even went a little further today: four circuits instead of the three so far. As a consequence, we were back in the camping later and I didn’t get out running until 07:26! I might not have got out of bed quite as quickly as other occasions.

Yesterday’s run was not very pleasant as not only was it cold but windy too. This morning was only 11℃ but with the addition of some sun and without the wind, it was altogether a lot more pleasurable.

After my shower I had to open the washing machine up for Peter’s other half to do her washing. She did two loads but I very naughtily left the door unlocked so she could help herself. 

I guzzled down my porridge and fruit then went to see how the washing was going. Dominika is leaving on Monday so wished to pay so I went to her cabin to collect the money. I intercepted David on the return run and relieved him of a month’s money for his stay.

It was time for my weekly phone call where I sat enjoying the sun and still conditions either inside or out. The wind changed direction to the west so the day warmed up considerably. Rain is forecast for tomorrow morning so I needed to ride into Paleochora for food after the call.

The wind was behind me on the way into Paleochora so it was an easy run. I passed Antonis’ car parked in the roadworks. I think he was assisting them with something technical. The supermarket was not busy and Canadian Lady had time to tell me that her sons were staying with her sister-in-law for much of the weekend. She was looking forward to going home to enjoy a peaceful evening and Sunday morning.

I have enough food now and it’s currently cooking in the Instant Pot. I was running short of oats so have been forced to buy Quaker branded oats in 500g packets at about twice the price of the others. I’m sure they’ll be extra yummy.

I prepared my food and then took the dogs for their Evening Walk. I wanted to give them a good run in case there is rain in the morning. I gave myself a lie-in last Sunday but the forecast now talks of rain a little later. If I go out promptly in the morning I should be back before it begins. As for a run… 

There’s an event at Houmas Restaurant as I could see lights from the Promontory and music wafts across with the breeze. It sounds like it might be a wedding and we have already heard the sound of fireworks much to the consternation of Fido who has taken over from Boris in the bangs department.


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