Lucky day

The lie-in was cancelled in favour of getting the walk in before the rain. Had I have got my timing right we would not have got wet. As it was, we avoided the heavy shower and stood in the storeroom waiting for it to stop so I could put the dogs in their houses. I decided that running would not be a good idea so got a shower instead. Other than the moisture at the end of the walk, everything else was fine and I managed five circuits around the promontory.

We had showers on-and-off all day with a particularly heavy one at Evening Walk time so this was cancelled. They did alright this morning so I just fed them and put them to bed. As I write, I have Obi stuck behind me and Luis beside me leaning on me. Fido is sleeping nearby. There is almost room on the seat for me if I’m lucky!

The remainder of the day has been a combination of chatting to people and dealing with camping activities. A Swiss couple arrived and are now parked up near the Central Kitchen. They are ideal customers as they are self-contained preferring their own shower, own loo and own kitchen. They plan to stay for a couple of nights.

I went for my morning run this afternoon and the timing was brilliant, unlike this morning. I got to Krios and back and into the shower just before the rain came down and the sky clouded over. I’ve completed all of my exercise goals for the day.

I need to get something to eat as my main dish has reheated in the IP so I need to cook up some rice on the stove.

Janne called from Sweden and he says that it’s cold and grey. As usual, he is busy doing things. He tells me they arrive 21 January 2019.

Despite the rainy weather, things have come out alright.

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