They come: they go

Following some heavy rain in the night, I was unsure of the situation when I woke up – would it rain or would it not? Should I stay or should I go? as The Clash would say. I decided to go but disregarded my own intuition which was to keep it short. The upshot? We got a bit wet…but I did complete more trips up and down the Promontory.

From Krios Beach looking southeast
From Krios Beach looking soutwest
The new ‘motorway’

I was of two minds whether to run or not but decided to and was glad. Probably one of the most stable parts of the day in the end.

I did some IT work BEFORE the run as I thought I’d better make use of the rain time to be productive. There were a couple more calls during the day but nothing too demanding.

Ulrike approached me as the Swiss couple were paying an extra night. She has been talking about going for a trip around the island. I think she would have liked me to accompany her and laughingly suggested the dogs could travel in the ‘garage’ part of her van. I’m not sure that Georgia would be too pleased if I sloped off for a few days either. I’ve not seen hide nor hair of Olivia. She was expected in a week ago Monday. I now have bathrooms and kitchens in need of cleaning as well as two accommodations.

Ulrike left on her own to tour the island. I think I gave her enough encouragement to go off on her own. She says she will return to the camping but may find pastures new.

I spent a while drinking tea with Chris and Claire as I dropped off a mastic gun and installed Ulrike’s electricity meter for Rainer, the German guy with the dog who arrived yesterday.

There have been heavy squally showers all day. One this evening caught Xanthippos out with Georgia’s dogs. The shower was quite heavy and included hail. He said the dogs didn’t know what to do when it hailed.

The Brown Dogs are slurping away at the water in their bowl. I have to fill the bowl each day now there are three of them in here all night.

It’s colder and windier now. Another factor which put me off going for an Evening Walk. Once wet in a day is enough for me. I fed the dogs and put them to bed. Tomorrow should be drier and mostly sunny. The twice-postponed trip to Paleochora may yet become a reality.

The rain rattles down on the metal roof above the van once more. The Brown Dogs are snuggled up in the van: Luis and Obi sharing the seat with me however Fido seems to prefer the floor and the hot air from the heater. Oskar has Ursula’s hard bench seat cushion on his house in the storeroom to provide additional insulation as well as an old bath mat for him to lie on. The other dogs are in their houses outside on their fleecy blankets. My rice is cooking on the hob. The main event has reheated in the IP.

The rain is really going for it! Lucky the dog houses are on pallets!

Today’s rain graph


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