Pea comes running

A beautiful, clear sky with plenty of starts greeted us as we walked across the beach towards the Promontory. There had been quite a lot of rain in the night but only 0.2mm since midnight. Yesterday’s rain total was 13mm with more to follow tomorrow.

I wondered at the stars as Obi and Princess did their thing on the way up to the sandy bit at the end of the Promontory. They were both up for some marching about and completed three laps before I tied them to some rocks to continue on my own for a further two.

During one of the circuits, the dogs were fooling about together but things got a little too rough for Pea. I broke up the scrum and they settled down. Pea was nowhere to be seen at the meeting point so we went back without him. I changed into my running gear then ran back along the Promontory to find him. He appeared from nowhere so we carried on running. I decided to take him with me so headed along the main road towards Paleochora which I’ve not run for a while. I reminded myself why I’d stopped running that route but it was expedient this morning. Pea found all the new experiences a little daunting. Barking dogs, sheep, goats, passing buses, cars and motorcycles and also Albanians. No records were broken with Pea.

The sky was clear and blue with very little wind however I decided I’d cycle to Paleochora later when it got warmer and I had a bit of a rest from all the walking and running. I put on my porridge and went for a hot shower. Breakfast followed and some IT research for a project for EG. Lunchtime came so I wandered the camping to see what was going on. The Swiss couple were preparing to leave. We had a bit of a chat and then I rode to Paleochora in the warm sunshine with a following breeze. The roadworks are progressing but I was able to navigate the JCB parked in the middle of the road while all the cars had to wait for it to move. I did my shopping and met Monika who was just coming into Petrakis. She has taken a room in Paleochora as the weather has been so consistently ghastly and she has only a small van. The Swiss couple caught us up and they continued chatting to Monika as I left to go back. I wanted to prepare my food and to walk the dogs.

Xanthippos reported in to say that he’d walked and fed Georgia’s dogs: I left shortly after. He told me he’d be coming in tomorrow to work on T1/T2 despite the forecast rain. He’s working inside so it won’t affect him much.

The Evening Walk was very pleasant and included a clamber over the rocks. We’ve not been that was for a few days due to strong southerly winds and waves. The dogs have eaten their biscuits and meat so are snoring way. Especially Luis!

I bought whole rice in the supermarket which is cooking in the Instant Pot. It requires twenty-two minutes of steaming or forty minutes on the hob. I have spinach soaking which I shall bung in at the end.

A video of Princess and Pea ‘playing nicely’


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