Royal visit?

Forecasted weather for this morning predicted rain early on so I was pleasantly surprised to find it reasonably dry when I ventured outside. The dryness persevered for the duration of the walk and we were able to return somewhat drier than yesterday. Examination of the forecast indicated that it might even remain dry long enough for me to run to Krios and back. Raindrops fell only a few minutes after my return but amounted to hardly anything.

The main events occurred during the day as can be seen by the little blue lines on the image below. The rain total as of now is 7mm as opposed to the 20mm+ talked about yesterday. There could well be more wetness during the evening and night. At this very moment, the sun is shining and the sea crashing against the beach. It is not particularly windy nor cold as it’s 18.4℃ with only one hour to go before sunset at 17:14.

Matthew called to discuss his passport application and I was only able to point out two potential problems. He took the train to Victoria around 10:30 for his appointment at the passport office near Victoria. Hopefully, the replacement will arrive before Christmas so he and his family can travel to Thailand as planned. Update: He expects the replacement by Tuesday

Other news today includes Princess’ departure from Crete on 26 January with the possibility of a late arrival on 29 January. She will be taking two ferries and the Shuttle and will be travelling by van. Pet cabins on both ferries!

Further minor IT support queries today and I’m still working on the project for EG.

Xanthippos reported in to say that Georgia may be paying a Royal Visit to the camping on Friday. She often comes at the end of the week. But then again, things don’t always work out as planned…

More rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it will get it all over before 05:00. Or maybe there will be none at all! The weather looks to continue to be unstable over the weekend and into next week. We’ve had a lot of rain but it has not, so far, been too inconvenient. I have completed 1,899 of my 3,680 (31.65/61.33 hours) of Exercise for this month. We are not yet at the middle of the month and I have been lucky with the weather so far…

The Evening Walk was accompanied by load noise from the sea and lots of crashing of waves on rocks at the end of the Promontory. Needless to say, we didn’t venture along the rocks. Luis snores loudly on the bench at my feet and Fido is asleep beside me. Rain is now falling and thunder and lightning are accompanying it. Hopefully the morning will be dry.

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