No rain today!

It was extremely wet as I opened the tent flap to walk onto the decking outside. As I wandered out to the loo, I could see that the sky was clear and there were plenty of stars. I’d expected it to be raining but the weather forecast had changed since the day before as most of the rain had fallen between 22:00 and Midnight: some 14mm in a couple of hours. That explained why it was so wet at least. A small cat waited outside the loo. She followed me to the storeroom where I gave her some food. Oskar didn’t seem to mind. There are two regular cats which come for food and sometimes Georgia’s attempts to join in. Oskar barks at her to chase her off but appears to tolerate the two others.

Once out, I could see there were still clouds over the mountains and kept an eye on them just in case the forecast was wrong. We marched about as usual but still the passage across the rocks was inadvisable. I’d hung my coat over a rock as it was too warm to be wearing it as it was nearly 16℃ even at that time in the morning. We walked back to the camping somewhat later than the previous day when it had been quite dark and I needed a torch to put the dogs back into their houses.

I ran to Krios but didn’t bother about putting on any outer garment over my running shirt. The roads were puddly in places but much cleaner than those going east towards Paleochora. A group of Albanians waited outside and opposite the supermarket in the hope of getting a day’s work. They said good morning in English to show off to their friends no doubt. I gave some appropriate reply as I jogged past.

Back at the camping, I showered and prepared my breakfast before going to the washing machine to open the door for Chris and Claire. They are leaving for the airport on Wednesday so want to get their stuff clean. I ate my breakfast then went to open the door so they could reclaim their laundry. I tried to discover why the Lamp Pole WiFi repeater had stopped working the other day during a heavy rain storm. It transpired that one of the electricity breakers was off so there must have been no lights on the entrance road for the past couple of nights.

Xanthippos came to bring in some sealant to fix the shower in T1 and we did a little security tour around the camping to find a number of open windows and doors which I later locked. He then went to walk the dogs and feed them.

Olivia arrived to clean T2 and Ξ6. I mentioned the bathrooms and the kitchen but I suspect she just wanted to do the minimum and get on her way. She didn’t seem dressed like someone who’d come to clean.

Morning turned to afternoon and the sun shone. I went to the field to check out a location to install a gate then went off to reacquire some of the metal grid I’d installed around the inside of the dog run back in 2015. There was also a conveniently located metal rod which will do nicely as a hinge for my gate. All suitably rusty to blend in with the existing fence.

It’s coming up to 17:00 so time for the evening walk before the sun sets. The walk is now complete so now I can look forward to an evening of stuffing my face and oggling the Box. I think I will let Luis decide what we watch tonight.

Royal Visit – another of those mystery occasions…


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