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My alarm announced that it was 18℃ outside but I took my coat as it was windier than the previous day. We set off walking and things were going well: both Princess and Obi were keeping up and the others were either in front or behind. Plenty of exercise for all. We did several circuits and then I decided to call it a day but would continue right down the Promontory to the original meeting rock. Only when there did I discover that I’d left one set of leads on a rock at the other end of the Promontory so we returned to get them. That is why we did 7km and 80 minutes of exercise on the Early Walk. The Exercise total for today is 200/120 (the daily goal I set myself)

Dawn over Paleochora

I ran to Krios listening to Stasiland on my headphones. Stories of life under the Stasi in the former DDR. It’s an audiobook I bought long ago and decided to listen to as I ran. I have others I’d like to relisten to as well.

After 7km of walking and 9.3km of running, a shopping trip to Paleochora seemed like too much so I contented myself with breakfast. Olivia was back in the camping as was Xanthippos. He tells me the wood under and around the shower in T1 is very wet and will need to dry out before he can continue. He was collecting carob pods for his goats the last time I spoke to him. The bathrooms and kitchen are now clean as are the toilet cubicles.

After my weekly chat, I rode against the easterly wind to Paleochora for shopping. I’m going to have to put the other bag on my bike as it seems that my shopping trips are less frequent and the amount of shopping too great for one bag!

I prepared my potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, peppers and peas for tonight but forgot the peas as they are in the freezer in the Central Kitchen. I have more than enough with what I have anyway as it should do tonight and tomorrow night.

The Evening walk was blustery and the sea very rough. Dark clouds were stacked over Paleochora so I didn’t hang around longer than necessary with the walk. We managed to achieve 200/120 on Exercise minutes which I didn’t think was going to be a reality. The ride to the shops and back helped.

The pipe-laying is progressing and they were pouring concrete as I passed. All will be revealed in the fullness of time.


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