Soggy doggies

There was more rain during the night so I was wondering if I might have an enforced lie-in. By 05:00 it was not dry but there was no rain so we set off for our Early Walk. No sooner had we ventured across the beach than a light rain began to fall. We managed a circuit before the lightness of the rain decreased and I decided to talk shelter in one of the caves. Some of the dogs continued to wander around in the rain outside the cave and the rain eased. We continued our circuits and managed 76 Exercise minutes and a total of 6.68km. The rain was never really totally absent and I was wearing my least waterproof coat.

At the meeting point Charlie was nowhere to be seen so I departed without him. By this time it was quite light despite the dark clouds and general dreariness. I put the dogs into their houses to give me the option of going for a run. Rain continued anew as I walked over to turn on the heaters for the showers. I walked around the camping then onto the road, down to the beach and back to the Promontory in search of Charlie. I was walking purposefully as I wanted to use the search to add to my minutes. I whistled and called and Charlie, in all his sogginess, appeared wagging his equally soggy tail.

Whilst out there, we continued to the end of the Promontory before returning to the camping. I put Charlie in his house as more, heavier rain started. The Charlie addition to the Early Walk pushed the Exercise minutes up to 106 and the distance to 8.7km.

The Charlie Walk

I abandoned the idea of running in the short term and decided to make breakfast and go for a shower. The water was hot and the breakfast porridge very warming and filling as was the fruit. I didn’t much feel like doing anything once the rain stopped but then the sun came out so I liberated the dogs from their houses after some prompting by Luis. It became quite warm in the tent, around 26℃, so I actually removed some layers of clothing.

My laptop tells me the battery needs replacing but this was only done in August. Normally I’d expect them to last around four to five years. The original battery was obviously distorted and useless however its replacement was purchased from a reputable supplier who I have now contacted for their comments.

Another rain shower ended any enthusiasm I had for running: I’m a little behind my self-imposed daily Exercise goal of 120 minutes and also my Move Ring, which is normally closed before I get back from running. I’m committed to an Evening Walk which will have to close my Move and also hopefully gain me a further fifteen Exercise minutes.

Tomorrow should be mostly dry until the evening with the night and Tuesday resulting in a possible 25mm of rain. I’m sure it’s not normally this wet in November and December. In fact, in November 2016 there were 45mm of rain, 65mm in 2017 and 87mm this year. In December 2016 there were 66mm, 2017 7.4mm and already 66mm at just the mid-point in December 2018. I think we can safely conclude that this year has been wetter than the previous two. We also had significant rain on October.

Forecast for Monday and Tuesday – Joy!

The Evening Walk was extended to compensate for a lack of running but still I had 5% of my Move Ring to go. I’m sure I can deal with that as I move about cooking my meal. There were children bathing in the surf as we walk as I could hear the sounds of shrill voices in the distance. By comparison to UK, the sea is lovely and warm.

I was feeding the dogs when David arrived to enquire after use of the washing machine in the morning. He first wished to know about the weather, and then the machine. I explained that tomorrow should be dry but Tuesday is forecast to be wet. I was about to go in when Dina and Dimitris arrived to give me another consignment of tomatoes. They also included some baby tomatoes which I find difficult to resist. I used the last of the tomatoes on Thursday so am pleased to have more. Some, like the last lot, will need to be ripened. I’m getting good at discussing the rain in Greek as we’ve had so much of it, the topic arises quite frequently.


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