Royal Visit

Captains OneDin and Bains entertained me as I started season III of The OneDin Line last night. Nothing like a good Sunday night tradition! It’s hard to beat a bit of BBC Sunday Night Drama.

My vibrating wrist brought me to consciousness. I was fast asleep and it took a couple of moments for me to get my head together. It wasn’t raining nor was it cold so the Early Walk was pleasant as we trundled around the Promontory. It seems to me that the dogs like the idea of all this marching around. We walk far further than before. They line up and keep with me for most of the Duration.

Oskar took on Charlie’s role and didn’t return at the end of the walk so he, like Charlie, was left behind. I wanted to run and was thinking about going into Paleochora before breakfast, so didn’t go back to look for him. He can’t come to much harm on the Promontory and I guessed he’d be back in the camping before me. As it turned out, I was not wrong.

I decided there was not enough time to go to Paleochora comfortably, so I put on my porridge and went for a shower. I had to be ready at 10:00 to deal with the washing machine. Straight after, I headed into town with a following wind. I visited the hardware store for some eyebolts, the 1€ shop for some new shower heads and Petrakis for some food. Most of which I seem to have forgotten. I’m going with the car to take Chris and Clare to the bus station on Wednesday so will use the opportunity to buy the things I forgot.

I needed to make some scans of some passports so went to the office to install the printer/scanner. This is somewhat wonky as the cartridges have run out so the whole thing has seized up. It still scans documents which is the main thing.

Whilst there, Georgia with entourage, drew up outside. She was in the new Grammeno car so I didn’t recognise it immediately. We chatted for a while and she explained how much money the government was taking and ways in which she felt she could ‘economise’. She’s up for changing the booking system but doesn’t want to share too much if possible. The Royal Entourage didn’t stay very long but took the cash from the till to my relief. As of today, I have my 150€ float.

A package from Ursula containing two raw vegan Christmas Cakes and some other festive decorations, arrived by courier. I’m very much looking forward to trying out the cakes and will adorn the decking tomorrow. Thank you Ursula.

Tomorrow could well be damp, starting later this evening. I think a walk may be a challenge tomorrow morning if this forecast is correct. This is turning out to be a very wet November/December. Maybe January and February will be drier. That will be good for Tony and Ursula and Janne and Erica as both couples are coming then.

Maybe they are just kidding?

I hear the patter of rain on the upper roof – what a surprise!


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