Mission accomplished

There was quite a lot of rain in the night but it conveniently decided to stop around 04:30. We managed to get out for a walk without getting wet and cover 5.95km with 72 Exercise minutes. That is a good start to the day. I was not able to see the clouds too well so decided to come back dry rather than to risk another circuit and return soaked. There were only a few spots of rain as I hurried the dogs across the beach from the Promontory. I turned on the water heaters for the showers and decided to wait for dawn so I could see the clouds, before deciding to set off for a run. It’s not forecast to rain heavily for a while so I may risk going out. If I get wet, it’s only my shorts, T-shirt and a light fleece. Let’s go for it!

The run was cut short as I could see the clouds building in the distance: only 6km today but enough to get be by for the remainder of the day even if there was to be no Evening Walk,

After breakfast, the sun came out so I began to wonder if the forecast was all fiction. Later, it poured down again, likewise in the afternoon where 3mm fell in around five minutes! There was a bed of hail stones on the decking and the rain was literally bouncing off the planks. For some reason, Princess was reluctant to go into a house. There are six dogs in the run and six houses, so I cannot understand the problem other than she couldn’t get into the one of her choosing. She gave in once the hail started so settled for second best.

Chris and Clare are leaving tomorrow so have been preparing their van to be laid up for the next three months. They have moved back to the car park and remain plugged into the power to keep the batteries charged as well as for their last night in Grammeno. I’m taking them to the bus station tomorrow morning. From there they will catch the bus to Chania where they stay overnight before their UK flight. From UK they will fly to Oz after Christmas. They’ve left me their keys in case of urgency and their motorscooter is now covered and parked up outside my compound.

I decided not to get the dogs wet so abandoned the evening walk. It would have been just our luck to be at the end of the Promontory and a downpour like earlier would render us all soaked just before bedtime. They had their food and the three Brown Dogs seem happily curled up on the bench seat leaving me with a little space too! Not too much though…

I’ve been dodging the showers and have been wet a couple of times as well as out running this morning. I’m glad to be in the warm and now await my supper which is cooking in the Instant Pot. It would be nice to have a few days without rain. The total for today is 18mm however there could be more to come from the satellite image I’ve just consulted. Tomorrow’s northerly wind will give a 4℃ temperature drop and an additional windchill effect. The next few days indicate more unsettled weather to come.


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