Jupiter and Mercury join Venus

Out on the promontory, just before the rising sun, Mercury and Jupiter joined Venus in the eastern sky. Venus had been up for quite a while making Jupiter and Mercury the latecomers. The dawn light flooded out the other two planets making any photo a waste of time.

Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all playing nicely (Picture from my star-gazing app)

I ran to Krios and didn’t go to Paleochora. The morning and the early part of the afternoon were uneventful until I received an email from Maria summoning me to the office. She was talking with Peter (T3) but he left after a few minutes which was good news for Maria and I as she stopped smoking several months ago and I was not up for being cured. He smokes rather a lot.

My conversation with Maria went on for some while and I shall certainly not bore you with the details. It also included a three-way conference with Georgia. Needless to say, the dogs had a very late walk as the final rays from the sun could only just be made out in the western horizon. The moon, which is now at 94%, was well up in the sky so we were fortunate to have a perfectly wonderful, if not rather brief, Evening Walk. In a couple of days we will have the moon in the early mornings which will be marvellous.

I was tempted to abandon the walk but it would only have been on grounds of laziness on my part as I couldn’t blame the weather. The meal which I’d planned for this evening is now in the fridge since I’m not up for finishing it off. Fortunately, I have plenty of other meals in the freezer.

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