Happy Winter Solstice!

Today, well, technically, tomorrow for me, is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. I can give notice that the Winter Solstice will be December 22 in UK and in Greece next year: now you can sleep soundly tonight.

The Early Walk went to programme with a total of 5.89km and 62 Exercise minutes.

After my run, shower and breakfast, I decided to clean the inside of the car. Having driven it around with a variety of dogs in it, cleaning was well overdue. Especially after Fido’s efforts on the way to Souda to pick up Eleanor from the airport. I stupidly fed Fido just before departure. The upshot, I’ll leave to your imagination. At least Fido used his imagination by leaving his supper in the back where no one would be sitting. The car is now vacuumed out and much more presentable. I was getting fed up driving around in a skip.

I attended to some IT matters and a support call from Louise at EG. They finish for Christmas today and are not back until 2 January. The only support for the next couple of weeks will be Inter Sport as they will be open except for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day no doubt.

I had a chat with Ursula, prepared the meal postponed from yesterday and then wandered down to see if there was anyone on the Promontory. There was a small motorcycle signifying the presence of fishermen or two. David and Carol were partaking of a glass of wine whilst watching the setting sun. We chatted and then Rainer, the German guy, with his dog, wandered past on their way for a walk.

The Evening Walk was very pleasant but a lot earlier than the previous day. The moon is virtually full and will be visible in the morning from 23 December. I saw Venus, Mercury and Jupiter and I understand Mars, Neptune and Uranus are visible after sunset. I’m not sure I can be bothered to wander down to the beach with binoculars to look.

The temperature dropped to 8.2℃ this morning while we were out on the Early Walk. I suspect that is the coldest it has been so far. The remainder of the day has been still, warm and mostly sunny although it became cloudy this afternoon.


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