Monster truck

Torsten and his wife Angela arrived a short while ago. They have a huge 4×4 truck which weighs in at around 12,000kg. I managed to get them past the entrance barrier but further into the camping was going to be a problem. They are in the tallest of the bays set aside for motorhomes with a height of 4m. Their vehicle is 3.85m so only just goes in as the ‘roof’ of the bay sags a little. Torsten was born in Lübeck I noticed from his passport so we got to talking about life in the DDR. In fact, he lived in the West even though he was born in Lübeck. He said that, as children, they found a way to visit the DDR as there were no mines or barbed wire. I mentioned that I am listening to Stasiland and he said he’d read the book.

The decking was damp when I got out of the tent on my trip to the loo. The sky seemed quite clear and rain was not forecast. We had a completely dry walk although I felt that I wasn’t really giving it my all so less was accomplished than normal. With 3,334/3,680 Exercise minutes completed, leaving only 346 minutes to go and nine days remaining in the month, perhaps I can chill out a bit. I don’t want to go too mad as, next time, the challenge will be even higher!

The sky was quite black as I set off for my run. I decided at that point I would only run 6km as it looked like rain. For some reason I seem to have forgotten and ran 9km as usual. It didn’t rain anyway.

Following my shower and breakfast, there was a little blank period and then my weekly phone call.

In the afternoon, I cycled into Paleochora as I needed some fruit. For some reason I seem to have come back with a lot more than fruit. David and Carol were also cycling in so we went part of the way together. They were not in Petrakis so I suspect they may have been looking for fish or something more exotic.

Over the Christmas period we have: Peter and Angelica from Austria, Rainer from Germany, David and Carol from UK and now Torsten and Angela also from Germany. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. I wonder if Ulrike will come back to Grammeno for Christmas?


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