Mary Xmas!

The night was unexpectedly warm and remained so until dawn. I walked more than the dogs as they didn’t seem to have their hearts in it. They were more interested in fooling about and ragging each other so I tied Obi and Princess to a rock and let them get on with it. I went twice more around the Promontory which exactly completed my December Challenge of 3,680 Exercise minutes. At this point, we returned to the camping so I could go for a gently jog to Krios.

I decided to jog only 6km today but found myself at the notice board by Krios Beach once again. There was plenty of activity as I trotted along the road between the greenhouses. There were people tending to the plants as usual but no one waiting across the road from the supermarket to be picked up for work.

Back at the camping, I chatted briefly to Ursula as she updated me as to the health of her domestic appliances. I then went for a shower before breakfast. I met David and Carol who were starting to prepare their turkey and had invited Rainer to join them. They didn’t mention if they’d invited his dog. Maybe he will get to help out after the event with the tidying up.

The forecast had threatened the possibility of showers which was then upgraded to rain. As of 12:30 there have been neither although it has looked very close on a number of occasions. I’m sure I felt a little dampness on a couple of occasions. There has just been an alert on my iPad to warn me of lightning within a 150km range. I’ve checked and there are four lonely strokes to the north of Chania.

Georgia said she would collect me to take me to her mother’s for lunch. I expect Manolis, her brother and his children will also be there. Typically, I don’t recall her mentioning a time so I have opened up a live video feed to the camera at the reception. I can see the westerly wind is stronger by the antics of the entrance barrier which sometimes swings wildly. Unlike Georgia, her mother is a strict timekeeper. If she says a meal is at 14:00 then 14:01 is too late to arrive. I remember Maria mislaying the car keys last year and calling Georgia to come from her mother’s back to the camping. The keys were in the back of Maria’s car all the time. We were late for lunch…

There are sunny intervals which makes sitting here in the awning tent very pleasant. The forecast is for the wind to change to the north tomorrow bringing cooler temperatures for a couple of days. We’re probably going to notice a drop of five degrees accompanied by a northerly wind. Winter Woolies to the rescue.

New Year

Georgia has arrived at the camping and will spend an hour with Peter before leaving for lunch. She told me she’d pick me up at 14:00 or 14:10. I guess lunch will be at 14:30. The local filling stations take it in turns to remain open during the Holidays so Manolis may have to relieve the guy who works with him if it’s his turn to be open. Georgia will bring me back around 17:00 as she knows I’ll want to walk the dogs before dark.

I’m so full! We were back at the camping just after 16:00 as they are all going to Chania to stay with Georgia for a couple of days. During the meal, Martha still believes I don’t eat enough so is constantly putting food on my plate. She made me stuffed tomatoes and stuffed vine leaves. Both were very nice as was the rice which was served to everyone. As expected, Manolis had to be back at work for 16:00 so we left shortly after him. Georgia wanted a cigarette so she was keen to leave since she doesn’t smoke in front of her family. She will be walking the dogs a lot during the two days they will be staying with her I suspect. She mentioned that Πέντε needs to lose 1kg in weight. Maybe I could send her Luis too although he has lost weight due to his enforced dieting. Unfortunately, he makes up during the day with carob pods.

The Evening Walk is complete, the dogs fed and in bed so I just have the Brown Dogs in with me. I’ve stuffed my face so will only nibble on a few bits this evening and that will be another Christmas done and dusted.


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