There seemed little point in jumping out of bed at 04:55 as I knew it would be cold outside and we’d be back and it would still be dark. I allowed myself a decadent lie-in until 05:20! When we departed, the dogs were full of energy and they all followed me as I took Princess and Obi on three circuits of the Promontory. Up until now, we’ve been doing five or six circuits but that was just to clock up Exercise points for the Challenge. As it was, even with only three actual circuits, we managed a respectable 54/30 minutes.

I ran to Krios and can report that it was much less windy than yesterday so less cold too. I even contemplated removing some garment on the return leg!

I made breakfast after a wonderfully hot shower which produced clouds of steam. I spent the morning enjoying the sun, doing a few admin tasks including dropping the keys to T2 to Manolis for when his friends arrive. Apparently another friend may want a room too.

The sun was very warm and pleasant although outside in the wind was less so. I considered going to Paleochora to go shopping but then thought better of it.

David came round to book an audience with the washing machine for 09:30 tomorrow. It seems that Monika has dried most of her laundry as there were only a couple of blankets on her lines when I wandered down with David. We chatted a while about computers and then I left to take the dogs for the Evening Walk.

With reduced windiness it was more comfortable walking than the previous evening. We traversed the rocks and returned to Grammeno across the field. It was still light so I was able to feed and put the dogs to bed without need of a torch. I straightened up their blankets as I feel it may be a little cold again tonight.

The maximum temperature for today is 14.8℃ with a minimum this morning of 8.3℃ at about the time I got up. Tomorrow is forecast to be about the same as today. Saturday may be a littler warmer and New Year still looks like it could be a little damp.


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