Unhappy camper

Warmer this morning as there was no wind. The Early walk went without a hitch and we completed the Exercise ring at least with a bit over. It was a pleasant run to Krios without accompanying wind.

I had an appointment with the washing machine at 09:30 so put my porridge on but dealt with the machine first. As it was, David and Carol appeared ten minutes early. At least I had my breakfast in peace! They tell me they will probably extend their stay until mid-January.

The plan was to go to Paleochora as I’d not done any shopping since last Saturday. Thanks to Martha’s second Christmas Day lunch, that filled up one meal. Then I fell asleep to be woken by Clive and his new router. I’d forgotten all about it to be honest. The new router didn’t work as required so the entire operation was a waste of time. I suggested he buy his own router so that he could do as he likes with it and not have to bother with the ‘free’ ones supplied by BT.

My next visitor was Monika who wanted a bit of a chat. Contrary to previous analysis, she’s quite interesting to talk to. She didn’t stay that long as she is allergic to animal fur and Obi kept wandering by shedding hairs. What with Swiss Lady who suffers in the WiFi and Monika, I feel quite a together person other than my propensity to avoid animal products.

Georgia was in the camping so I decided to abandon my trip to Paleochora. It was quite late in the day so I didn’t want the dogs to be barking in my absence. I had a feeling she’d come to talk to me anyway… I was not wrong. She’d been talking sometime about shifting Manolis, her friend, from the shell of the building he occupies opposite the bathrooms. He has a caravan, tent, kitchen and shower and loo which he’s put in himself. A nice little setup to be sure. I understand he’s been there for around eight years so he’s not done badly. He occupies quite a lot of space and is not actually there for much of the time. She’s given him twelve months and will find an alternative location in the camping. He’s not going to be able to set himself up like that anywhere else. That’s for sure! I felt it might have been better if she’d waited until after the New Year before breaking the news to him as he has friends coming. A disgruntled Manolis is not going to be too helpful to public relations. That area can be turned into a recreation room for the customers. Something which is definitely lacking on the camping.

The Evening Walk went well and they didn’t notice the fisherman at the end of the Promontory. I kept an eye on his rod from a distance to be sure he didn’t decide to go and Fido and Luis played ball whilst the others fooled around.

I definitely must go shopping in the morning!


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