Curate’s egg

It didn’t seem like Sunday morning when we went out into the darkness. With a minimal moon and plenty of cloud cover, there wasn’t much to see. I got a glimpse of Venus but, as for Jupiter, no chance. We trundled up and down the Promontory and then I tried to view the stars and planets. A waste of time due to the cloud cover. It’s probably going to be the same story for the next few days.

I had the usual gentle run to Krios and it was quite cool but not windy. I didn’t need to unzip my top or remove my hat at any point. A hooded fleece would have been over the top though.

I put on my porridge and went for a shower as I remembered the 09:00 appointment with the washing machine. Angelica was ready to roll as I went to T3. Better to go there than hang about waiting for her to wander up to me.

I checked out Rainer who came to see me yesterday about leaving and paying for the electricity. He leaves tomorrow. I also woke up Torsten and Angela who were still lingering in their pits at 10:30! They didn’t seem to mind too much. They are also leaving tomorrow.

The morning clouds gave way to some beautiful sunshine whilst I busied myself sorting out the database problem with one of my weather websites. Grammeno Weather website is now working properly again:

There is also something wrong with the database on the other site and that requires some attention too. For another day…

The clouds returned together with a brief rainy interval where 0.4mm of precipitation fell. The sun returned a little later and it was dry again quite soon.

I spent some time shopping for small things on Amazon as Ursula kindly volunteered to ferry out anything small and light when they travel out at the end of January.

As I now have food again, I spent time preparing a meal for this evening and tomorrow. I have nearly got to the end of the tomatoes considering how green most of them were. Setting them in the sun has ripened them nicely. They are all rejects so required cutting and dicing to remove the damaged bits. I was simply melting them down to for the basis of my meal so it matters little how battered they may be.

It was nearly 16:30 when I ran round with the vacuum before taking the dogs for the Evening Walk. There were six [Albanians] fishing on the Promontory all conveniently together on the large rock on the east side. The dogs didn’t take much notice of them until a small boat approached them followed by a shouted conversation. Pea charged off to find himself alone until Oskar joined him. Luis and Fido were too involved with chasing the ball to bother with barking. We continued round over the rocks and back to Grammeno for the Sunday Meat. All are now tucked up and the Brown Dogs are snoring peacefully (except Luis who snores noisily) next to me.


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