Duvet on!

Fortunately, it was dry this morning when we went for the Early Walk. I managed three circuits of the Promontory with Obi and Princess completing two. I let them play with the others for the last one. I managed to see Jupiter amidst the clouds of which there were many. We went back to avoid any chance of dampness.

The Krios run was equally dry and I had emptied the Instant Pot and charged it up with my porridge before going out. The only flaw was that I failed to turn on the Instant Pot before going for my shower. Consequently, my breakfast was delayed and I erroneously attempted to do a quick release of the pressure. Note to self: Quick release of porridge = lots of cleaning of the pot, the lid and the release valve.

I was almost at the end of my breakfast when Olivia called to tell me a motorhome was waiting at reception. She had come in to check over T1 following Xanthippos’ shower ‘works’.

Rainer has left after three weeks and Torsten and Angela left after nine nights: Claudia and husband have arrived to stay for a week. Until now they have been fee camping around the island or at Sisi on the north coast. They have decided to spend some time at Grammeno with their two cats. They are from Rosenheim in Germany.

I have been playing with the weather website again today as well at the Grammeno customer invoice spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can now deal with recording the electricity meter and calculating the value to add to the total amount. There is also a notes section and additional fields to add multiple receipts as well as catering for multiple additional items: washing machine, equipment hired or borrowed etc.

The rain started around lunchtime and continued, on and off, until dark. There was no evening walk and the dogs were simply fed and put to bed. The inside van temperature dropped to 14℃ so Obi was pleased when I turned the heater on. The other Brown Dogs were let in early.

The lady from across the road came looking for her little dog. I’m sure she sends him over to give her an excuse to come over for a chat. I listen, she chats.

The T1 people arrived and I spent time fiddling with the electric breakers as the lights were not working. Everything seemed to be working when I speedily left.

The cat has been fed several times today and the new arrivals have been warned about Georgia’s cat’s propensity to aggression.

I can hear rain on the roof so I’m glad not to be going out anywhere this evening. I’ll probably entertain myself with the Box then go to bed.

The duvet is now on with the thick fleecy blanket on top. I was cold last night and it’s none too warm tonight. The forecast for the next week or so remains predominantly damp.


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