Like Old Times

The supper is reheating in the Instant Pot. Having returned from the Evening Walk, all the dogs are settled down after enjoying their food with a little added rice left over from Tuesday evening. There was some onion in the rice, which I know is not recommended for dogs and hopefully is not too farty tomorrow evening.… Read the rest

Tax returns submitted

The horrible weather has not yet materialised only a few showers with sunny intervals. It was pleasant to sit out under the awning while working on my tax return only when it rained did it turn a little chilly.

The Early Walk was not quite so early but it was windy and cool with the threat on rain so expediency suggested a rapid return.… Read the rest

Out again!

I’d promised to put a load of washing on early so jumped out of bed just after six. It was breezy but it wasn’t raining and there was a goodly number of stars to see. No chance for Saturn or Pluto since Pluto is too far and there was a haze near the horizon. There might be a better chance of seeing them when they rise earlier later in the year.… Read the rest

More puke!

I awoke in the night to the sound of Obi quietly throwing up on the van floor. He seemed happy in his work so I left him to it. There seemed little point in shoving him outside as that ship had sailed. My hope was that the others would not paddle around in it distributing it evenly about.… Read the rest

Now we are five

Despite going to bed considerably later than usual, I was awake at 05:30. I loafed for a while before getting dressed. The Brown Dogs remained on the bench seat. I turned on the water heaters and brought Oskar in from the storeroom. Poor lonesome Charlie was in the Small Dog Compound on his own. We set off for the Promontory across the beach under a relatively cloudless sky pierced with twinkling stars.… Read the rest

Princess and Pea are on their way

Ursula and I took the dogs out in the morning after another early morning storm. There was little rain but some exciting thunder and lightning. The walk went without incident and we got back to the camping before the next lot of rain. I had no desire to run in the rain so contented myself with a core workout inside the awning tent.… Read the rest

Exciting waves

Ursula and Tony arrived at 22:15 and settled themselves into T2 which had the bathroom light on to greet them. The outside light, for whatever reason, was not working. I went to bed shortly after they arrived.

The ground was dry when I went out with the dogs around 06:30. The rain from the previous day had dried up probably due to the wind.… Read the rest

A taxing day

Between midnight and the Early Walk 15.5mm rain fell making it a late start again today. We managed the walk without getting wet but had to abandon in order to avoid the rain. It began to pour just as I released the dogs into their run. I’d agreed to phone Matthew and, as running was off the menu due to the rain, I decided to do that right away.… Read the rest

Latest version

I’ve been fiddling around with one of my weather websites today upgrading to the latest version. There still seems to be a bit of a problem with the database however that does not seem to affect the day-to-day running of the website. You can gaze upon its loveliness here.

Xanthippos has been very demanding today, interrupting me on several occasions.… Read the rest

Fire watching

Out a little earlier this morning as it was NOT raining, windy or cold! We had a good walk accompanied by some stars and even a half-decent sunrise. The chance of anything like that for the next few days is limited.

Nine consecutive rain days – maybe it’s only joking…

I ran after the walk and then did a Core workout.… Read the rest

The come: they go

The forecast for yesterday, at the beginning of the day, was for 4mm rain during the 24 hour period from 07:00. Things deteriorated and the rain began around midday, softly at the beginning. I didn’t take any convincing to cancel the Evening Walk as it was raining heavily by that time. Around 17:00, I fed the dogs and adjourned inside to listen to the rain against the metal roof above.… Read the rest

Horrid, horrid, horrid!

That’s how the day ended. Now, let’s rewind…

A windy walk around the Promontory with some salty spray from the crashing waves upon the rocks out to sea. The spray was being blown by the wind although I thought it might be rain at one point. We took our time doing the walks, closed the Exercise Ring with a ‘massive’ thirty-four minutes for the three circuits.… Read the rest


It was not an easy night. Georgia’s cat was about which set Oskar off followed by Princess later and the dogs were generally a little restless. The sound of rain on the roof encouraged me to stay in bed until 06:45 whereupon I turned on the water heaters and marshalled the dogs. It drizzled a little while we were out and the sand was hard underfoot.… Read the rest

R I P D A V E + 1

I was awake from 05:45 so we were out a little earlier this morning. It was warm but cloudy however Venus and Jupiter were still in evidence. No chance for Saturn and Mercury due to clouds on the horizon. Dawn came and went as did sunrise. I just felt like enjoying the morning.

I ran and then did my core workout but refused to hurry.… Read the rest


Laziness kept me in bed as it was not particularly cold nor was it raining. So no excuse for lounging around in my pit until 06:15! I turned on the water heaters then took the dogs out for the Early Walk. Venus and Jupiter where shining brightly and were well up. As the actress might have said to the bishop.… Read the rest

A bit of a lie-in

Following the excitement of our journey to Maleme yesterday, I didn’t feel much like rushing out of bed as it was only 8℃ outside! We left around 06:45 and trundled around briskly in the brisk morning air. I didn’t need much persuading to go back to the camping although we went via the rocks for a change.… Read the rest

Princess and Pea are good to go!

Strong wind woke me in the night so I went to check the security of the awning tent and to make sure the tent door was closed. For some reason, I’d forgotten to close it right down. I returned to my warm bed as it was around 02:45.

I got up just after the 05:55 alarm sounded and we went out for our walk.… Read the rest

Wet again – what a surprise!

Captains OneDin and Bains survived a stormy trip to Portugal to deliver railway lines. James had loaded the ship to the gunnels and Samuel Plimsoll himself was aboard to witness how well a ship can survive a storm even when [over]loaded. James triumphed again! I went on to watch a film, ‘Eye in the sky’ with Helen Mirren starring as Colonel Katherine Powell in charge of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya.… Read the rest

Fairly lazy Sunday

More early morning rain signalled a later Early Walk. The 4.3mm fell between 03:45 and 06:00. We went out around 07:00 as I felt it would be a good idea to be sure of no repeat performance and my bed was warm and comfortable following the realignment of my mattress yesterday afternoon during the Great Bed Rework.… Read the rest

Five years on…

Luis five years ago today. Only a few weeks old when the picture was taken.
Fido five years ago today

It was five years ago today that Boris, Dave and I were joined on the Early Walk by four soggy little puppies who had been abandoned on the Promontory near Grammeno. I can remember that Boris was not very welcoming.… Read the rest

A sunny day at last!

Not much early morning rain or rain at all during the day. Whether we make it until midnight with no rain is another matter. It has been sunny and mild all day so things are looking up. Even the next couple of days look dry and sunny.

I needed no coat when we walked this morning, I managed to run without freezing to death and even contemplated a ride to Paleochora but could not come up with a valid reason for going there.… Read the rest

Rain showers and others

A break from tradition with no early morning rain showers and dry decking as I walked down the steps to turn on the water heaters. It was noticeably warm into the bargain although there were still plenty of clouds about.

We easily walked my Exercise Goal, I feel there may be a lack of consistency here.… Read the rest

Princess and Pea

The story continues: early morning showers followed by clearing skies and then a reasonable day. I left my coat and scarf on the rocks following the second trip around the Promontory. I needed to watch the sky as more rain was forecast and there were still mountains of black clouds to the west. At least it was warmer.… Read the rest

The Spanish Main

More rain early in the morning so a damp start as we trekked across the beach for the Promontory. The night had been cold with a low of 4.3℃ at 05:15. You can understand my reluctance to get out of bed especially with the patter of rain on the roof.

We were presented with a very attractive dawn with stars and all.… Read the rest

Charlie’s hungry tonight

I was planning to get up but then it started to rain so I went back to bed. It was 06:30 when I turned on the water heaters and returned to collect up the dogs. It was still dark but dawn was breaking. Everything was wet as a result of the earlier rain but that didn’t seem to put anyone off from the task in hand.… Read the rest

Intruder in the camping

Oskar brought my slumbers to a halt at around 02:30 due to a gastric emergency. I removed him from his cage and put him in in the SDC where the others were in their houses previously sleeping. He was left there until morning as he went into the former Château Boris and kept quiet. His gastric problem seems to have passed as he was making up for lost time this evening.… Read the rest

Rain and cold

Today’s theme is cold and wet. It was cold but not wet early on. The sky was clear as Venus shone brightly as she raced ahead of Jupiter which was already well on course. As time progressed, the clouds came back and there was little to see just before I herded the dogs back to the camping.… Read the rest

Rain, rain…

Yet more rain in the night and the early morning causing the Early Walk to be later than usual. I went out around 06:00 to turn on the water heaters and then come back to get the dogs.

It was a fantastically beautiful morning: clear sky, twinkling stars and few clouds. Dawn was breaking and it was truly wonderful.… Read the rest

Make up its mind!

My first reheat and rice meal in my new stackable pans worked out well. Having two small stainless steel pans to clean rather than two saucepans was a bonus as was not having to watch a pot on the hob. No steam to fog up the van either as the Instant Pot sits ouside on the decking.… Read the rest

OddJob at large

There was heavy rain all evening as I watched Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks, having his container ship attacked by Somali pirates. It was all very gripping but fortunately US Navy Seals finally came to his rescue and all ended happily: for the captain and crew at least. It was raining all through the night and still raining at 05:00 so I turned over and went back to sleep.… Read the rest

Happy 2019 to all!

All in all, 26.2mm precipitation fell yesterday in the twelve hours from midday to midnight. Another 2.4mm fell from midnight until we went out for the Early Walk. The walk was delayed due to rain falling just as I was about to marshal the dogs. Fido was already out as I felt this might be a wise precaution due to his fidgeting about whilst I was dressing.… Read the rest