Happy 2019 to all!

All in all, 26.2mm precipitation fell yesterday in the twelve hours from midday to midnight. Another 2.4mm fell from midnight until we went out for the Early Walk. The walk was delayed due to rain falling just as I was about to marshal the dogs. Fido was already out as I felt this might be a wise precaution due to his fidgeting about whilst I was dressing. I had just collected up Oskar from the storeroom and was about to get the others. The three of us waited under the canopy until the rain stopped. I gathered the others and we set off for the Promontory.

Princess and Obi completed two circuits and I did one more having tied them to a rock so they could play with the others. This keeps all the dogs together at the end of the Promontory anyway. Today’s circuits were more productive than yesterday’s even though I worked harder yesterday and completed the circuits more quickly. I’m wondering if it’s to do with cloud cover and GPS signal.

I wasn’t at all sure about the weather to the west so was seriously contemplating curtaining my Krios run. Then the clouds seemed less dense that I’d thought so I continued all the way. I was about to go back in through the camping gate when the lady from opposite appeared asking me about her missing dog. I replied that I’d not seen him since the day before but that I’d keep an eye open. She was to appear later, poking about in the camping look for him. I assured her that I’d bring him back if I found him.

Shower and then breakfast in the hope of some sun. There was a little but it was short-lived. Other than this morning, it has not rained much today with a score of 3.2mm so far. There have been a number of storms which have either missed the island or petered out before landing. There are a couple more on the map but they appear to be making slow progress or concentrating themselves elsewhere.

The remainder of the day has been taken up with a little bookkeeping for Georgia and latterly, listening to the lively party over at Manolis and Lisa’s. There is a number of additional cars so I guess there are more people. I see that Mikhalis and probably Xanthippos are there too. Doubtless they will continue into the night or until they get too cold and go home.

I notice the entrance lights are out as is the external illuminated sign. I suspect the path lights have also fused. The sun eats the plastic cables and junction boxes which are on the roofs of the buildings. Then the rain can get it causing the breakers to trip. We can do without external lights tonight and the visitors can stumble their way out. There are going to be power outages due to the storms anyway. I just noticed the reception outside light flicker and heard my UPS click over to backup battery supply. I hope these storms are not about to rumble around the mountains all night.

I received a resupply of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from Dimitris last night. He handed over a large plastic bag-full and wished me ‘Καλή Χρονιά’.

I watched an action film called John Wick starring Keanu Reeves as the former hitman known as the BoogyMan. Lots of action and entertainment. There is a sequel, I’ll look out for. All good harmless stuff and the story includes a dog!

My January Challenge is a holiday compared to the past two month. It consists merely of closing all my Activity Rings each day. I’ve managed that for a straight 388 days so I migh be able to stagger on a few more.

Ursula sent me this:

Vegans banned from Lewes pub.


I cooked up some potatoes, peppers, the last of the squishy tomatoes together with a large courgette and loads of runner beans with an onion and garlic. There’s also some garlic and a load of herbs with some chilly flakes. Hopefully, it’s edible…


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