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There was heavy rain all evening as I watched Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks, having his container ship attacked by Somali pirates. It was all very gripping but fortunately US Navy Seals finally came to his rescue and all ended happily: for the captain and crew at least. It was raining all through the night and still raining at 05:00 so I turned over and went back to sleep. We were finally out for the Early Walk at 07:00 so it wasn’t quite so ‘Early’.

It stayed dry so we completed three circuits of the Promontory and closed my Exercise Ring at least. It was around 8 am when we got back, the wind was blowing and it looked like rain. I knew the roads would be wet so the idea of dodging the puddles and getting soaked by passing vehicles rather put me off running. That left me with a bit of a logistics problem with my Move Ring as recently I completed it before 09:00 by running to Krios.

fter breakfast, I decided to wander around the camping to see that all was well. I put some washing in for Claudia from Germany. Monika arrived to get back the apples David had purchased for her before her hasty departure to take up residence in rooms in Paleochora. She was offered a last-minute vacancy which was too good to be missed.

The ACS courier arrived bearing a cunning accessory for my Instant Pot. Stacking pans to go inside the pot to enable me to cook/reheat different foods simultaneously. Frozen meals are normally rapidly defrosted and reheated in the Instant Pot and then rice prepared on the hob. I thought it would be a lot better if I could defrost/reheat the meal and cook the rice all at once in the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is a cook-and-forget appliance whilst a pan on the hob can sometimes run dry if I get distracted. The pans will be put to the test this evening but not with frozen food.

The ACS courier was having problems with his scanning device so resorted to cutting the code and label from my package as proof of delivery. He proceeded to offer me a package destined for someone else which I refused. He was in a bit of a fluster having been unsuccessful with his technology.

Later, I suggested to Claudia that she might wish to put in her second load of washing as tomorrow is forecast rainy. I decided to cycle to Paleochora during the wash. Cycling usually burns up around 700KJ and adds another 35 minutes of Exercise. Not enough to complete my daily Move Goal but going in the right direction.

The road was reasonably dry and there was no activity at the road works. They are progressing slowing towards Kountoura but still have far to go. Petrakis was quite busy and some shelves were unusually understocked. The Festive Season has taken its toll. The sun was shining and the wind was gentle, making the ride there and back very pleasant.

I took the washing to Claudia upon my return and had a chat with Ingo in Ξ6 who paid 150€ towards his stay. He seems to have developed a bit of a cold.

While unpacking the shopping, the dogs began to bark so I went to the gate to find two men and a pickup. I recognised the older man but couldn’t remember where I’d seen him before. The younger man asked if I’d found a dog, which is when it dawned on me that the older many was OddJob’s owner. I told them I’d keep an eye out for him, grab him and phone them if I found him. Losing your dog once is not unreasonable but twice in a comparatively short time seems perhaps a little careless.

The sky is clouding over and the time for the Evening Walk is approaching so I’ll check out the beach car park and then walk the dogs. I don’t want to go out on the Promontory if there are loads of people about. It’s still the Holiday Season until 6 January and some are still off work.

All in all, it’s been quite a busy day so far.

The Evening Walk went well. There was a car, a couple and a small being walking on Grammeno Beach. Also, the elderly couple who came to the camping for a few days last winter. They have a pickup with a caravan on the back together with an off-road motorcycle. They are both in their 80’s I’m sure. They came into the camping but they wished to be in the sun near the gates to the beach but that space is taken. They decided to spend the night in the beach car park and perhaps come to the camping for a hot shower in the morning.

I still had some KJ’s left to burn so decided to walk around the block on an OddJob/Dog-From-Across-The Road walk. I checked out the entrance lights at the same time. There is a fault somewhere as I discovered when I tried to reset the breaker. Night might not be the best time to go looking for it. No sign of either dog as I walked briskly around the block.

The new Instant Pot gadget is in the pot now so this is experiment #1.

More rain tomorrow but the storms have taken themselves to Israel and the Lebanon.


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