Intruder in the camping

Oskar brought my slumbers to a halt at around 02:30 due to a gastric emergency. I removed him from his cage and put him in in the SDC where the others were in their houses previously sleeping. He was left there until morning as he went into the former Château Boris and kept quiet. His gastric problem seems to have passed as he was making up for lost time this evening.

I was up late as a consequence of going out to tend to Oskar and quitting my warm bed on one of the coldest nights so far this winter. It took me a little time to get back to sleep having been in the bracing outside. I got up around 07:00, turned on the water heaters and then gathered the dogs. I also gathered my drone as there was little wind and it wasn’t raining.

We had fun with the drone but the batteries were quite flat having not been used for a few weeks and due to the temperature. LI batteries, like other electrical batteries, don’t like low temperatures.

Obi and Princess
Luis and Oskar looking up at the drone
Obi and Princess
Fido chasing the drone
Some bloke with a load of dogs who appear disinterested in the drone

The session was not 100% successful but was a useful experience in managing the controls and trying to take decent shots. These are a few but are of little interest.

After the walk I decided to go for a bike ride to Krios and then to Paleochora.

The ride was nearly 21km.

I met some dogs at the port which chased me up towards the lighthouse and back. I then met some cats.

There could be trouble ahead
They didn’t know it was dog food
They looked in good condition
…but were just living wild amongst the rocks
The mewing attracted me to their location

I got a little damp on the way back so had my breakfast followed by a shower. More rain fell and it was quite miserable for a bit. The sun appeared and the day improved dramatically. Xanthippos arrived and insisted on showing me where he’d been spreading fertiliser around the plants and trees.

I got on with a few semi-important tasks but was interrupted by the arrival of a rather skinny white dog which I’ve seen whilst out in the mornings. It decided to visit the outside of the compound but appeared quite timid. It spent a while in the camping winding up all the dogs and later appeared when we were out on the Evening Walk. I released Luis who chased him off and helped with his weight-loss programme by taking lots of exercise, cheered on by the remainder.

On the return run, Charlie absented himself and became difficult to reacquire when back at the camping. Not a good choice on Meat Night as there was no food for him when he finally gave himself up. He is now sentenced to a week on the lead during walks and curtailment of privileges.

I think the White Dog is around again as Georgia’s dogs are noisy and mine are restless.

My food is cooked to I’d better eat it.


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