Charlie’s hungry tonight

I was planning to get up but then it started to rain so I went back to bed. It was 06:30 when I turned on the water heaters and returned to collect up the dogs. It was still dark but dawn was breaking. Everything was wet as a result of the earlier rain but that didn’t seem to put anyone off from the task in hand. Charlies was added to the ‘BadBoys Club’ and stayed with me. We walked the Promontory three times and then returned to base. The only excitement was the presence of the White Dog which has been lurking about for the past few days. Pea gave the game away so Luis, Fido and Oskar joined in the posse. Good exercise for all concerned!

I left the dogs in their run and met up with Ingo who is staying in Ξ6 and wished to wash his clothes. I pointed out that the forecast was for showers but he made allowances for that. I set off for Krios on my bike and continued on to Petrakis for some shopping. I only needed a couple of bits but still managed to spend over 20€. The cat food helped to bump up the bill but there was some bagged up so I felt I should grab it as it’s not always available. They buy buy bulk bags and resell in 2kg lots.

Back at the entrance of the camping I could see water welling up from the road and running down the road. The lady from across the street beckoned me over from her balcony, for a conversation. She told me she now has two dogs and would I like one. I explained that I already have too many dogs and that one extra would make it too many +1. I went to empty the washing machine so that Ingo could get his laundry dry.

My next task was to turn on my breakfast porridge then go for a shower. The water was hot enough as was the porridge. For some reason, it spilled out of the inner pot yesterday so I ended up cleaning everything. I didn’t have to do that today.

Breakfast out of the way, the day improved as the sun warmed up the tent and I may have lost time. I had a number of little tasks and a couple of support requests. I needed to see some of the customers to see if they were planning to continue their stay and, if so, collect their money. Xanthippos mentioned that Georgia was coming on ‘Monday’ but didn’t specify which one. I wanted to keep the money straight anyway. David and Carol are staying for a few more days so put up another 100€ and the German couple with the two cats have decided to continue their stay for another three weeks. I transferred them from the weekly to monthly rates and relieved them of another 175€.

Time was marching on so I made some food for tonight before taking the dogs for the Evening Walk. The sky was threatening but I took the gamble. There is rain falling as I write and we’ve had light showers throughout the day. The total rainfall for today is only 1.8mm and the current temperature is 8.7℃. The prediction is for colder temperatures for tomorrow with rain and wind on Wednesday and Thursday.

I spoke to Andrea earlier following a message from Rodney explaining that he was in hospital with a gashed leg. The injury occurred when he slipped on some wet wood and touched his leg with the chainsaw. He should be coming home today after two nights in horsepiddle.

I expect Charlie is feeling more relaxed this evening. He missed out on Meat Night due to his absence and supper time. I gave him a bigger bowl with 50% extra grub this evening.

My evening meal is nearly ready so I shall go and tend to it.


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