The Spanish Main

More rain early in the morning so a damp start as we trekked across the beach for the Promontory. The night had been cold with a low of 4.3℃ at 05:15. You can understand my reluctance to get out of bed especially with the patter of rain on the roof.

We were presented with a very attractive dawn with stars and all. The dogs amused themselves by charging up and down and ragging as we marched around the Promontory.

Back at the camping I went for a little walk around the block as I had a feeling today might be a difficult ‘Circles’ day. I encountered a couple of blokes digging up the road outside the camping with a JCB. Presumably fixing the leak which was gushing water yesterday. Prompt service indeed.

Two men and a woman came to view the camping. Apparently, they’d seen Peter’s blog and were considering coming to spend some time. Peter was not here so I left a note for him. The trio seemed suitably impressed and departed via the beach to their car parked in the Grammeno Beach car park.

I had a number of emails to write and was waiting for a BT phone line installation to set up a new Internet connection. It would appear that the company arranging the installation supplied BT with the old address so the installation has got to be rescheduled.

I had an email from the company I purchased from the other day to tell me that the packages will be delivered on Thursday between 08:00 and 20:00. I understand my replacement debit card is winging its way to me courtesy of Royal Mail and ELTA.

A surprise visit from Adonis to say that the owner of one of the parcels of land next door is not in the mood for selling at present. Antonis has not managed to contact the owner of the adjacent land as yet. He’s had a number of things on his mind including his ‘girlfriend’ of some years, becoming pregnant. He’s also working on a new workshop near Krios but cannot get a machine in there to excavate due to the rain and the stodgy ground. He also had an incident involving a heavy lump of metal on his right hand and wrist.

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a Spanish couple in a camper. They only wanted to use the showers but ended up paying for a week’s stay. They are camped out by the gates onto the beach where Rainer was before Chris and Claire left for UK. I’m expecting the arrival of a couple more motorhomes in the next few days, one I replied to this morning. They had emailed the Google site so the advertising might be bringing some customers.

The day has been bright but cold. The maximum for today reached 11.1℃ which for here is very cold even as a minimum temperature! Tomorrow is forecast to get warmer however heavy rain is predicted for the evening and most of the following day and the morning after. Some 50mm+.

The dogs met the new Spanish customers on the way out for the Evening Walk which was vigorous as I needed to close my circles. It was very pleasant as we hurried up and down the Promontory. Usually, it is because of the threat of impending rain, however, this evening there was a clear sky with a beautiful sunset. Make the most of it guys!

Pea has some additional photos on his wall of fame. One of Emily’s friends is perhaps interested in adopting him.


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