Princess and Pea

The story continues: early morning showers followed by clearing skies and then a reasonable day. I left my coat and scarf on the rocks following the second trip around the Promontory. I needed to watch the sky as more rain was forecast and there were still mountains of black clouds to the west. At least it was warmer.

I ran towards Krios but, mindful of the weather, completed a shorter circuit back through Kountoura. I have no need to rack up loads of Exercise Minutes this month so am glad of a bit of a rest. I got a shower, turned on my porridge and left for Paleochora for a little shopping. The forecast is a little dismal so I don’t want to have to go into Paleochora in the rain. I saw Yannis Petrakis who told me he’d had some nasty skin condition which he thinks he picked up from a thorn on a bush he scraped against whilst out running with friends in the mountains. He’s been to the hospital for tests and was quite poorly. He’s not over it yet. I mentioned the lack of cheap oats on offer and gave him the label from my preferred brand. They offer Quaker oats at 2.20€ for 500g or another brand for 1.70€ for 1kg! Less than half the price AND I prefer them! When the others come into stock I shall do some hoarding!

After breakfast I amused myself with some IT enquiries and contacting David who is transporting Princess to UK at the end of the month. He mentioned that a place had become available on his next run so, once I heard from Mélanie, I accepted. Princess will be travelling with Pea which should keep them both happy. At least to the UK. I just need to get both of them over to Maleme to see the vet. Maleme is on the other side of the mountains. Not as far as the Chania vet, but still a great chunk out of the day. The weather’s likely to be horrid for the next couple of days so I’ll probably take them early next week.

Olivia came in to clean T1 and T2 as well as the toilets and kitchen. One customer is leaving tomorrow morning so settled up this afternoon. He says he may return for a couple of nights at the end of the month.

Xanthippos finished off spreading fertiliser around the upper part of the camping. He’d previously walked Georgia’s dogs as he was aware of the possibility of rain.

The Evening Walk was earlier in order to avoid any rain. It didn’t quite work out that way as we got a little soggy around the edges on the return leg. I had to wander around in the rain to feed them. They’re all fed and in bed leaving the Brown Dogs snoozing quietly listening to Barry White. My evening meal is in the Instant Pot. A variation on the rice and spinach theme. Chopped onion with rice, peas and spinach.

Better go and eat it!


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