A sunny day at last!

Not much early morning rain or rain at all during the day. Whether we make it until midnight with no rain is another matter. It has been sunny and mild all day so things are looking up. Even the next couple of days look dry and sunny.

I needed no coat when we walked this morning, I managed to run without freezing to death and even contemplated a ride to Paleochora but could not come up with a valid reason for going there. Two cats came for food this morning. The small, fluffy one born on the camping in the summer, and the other from across the road. Stopping Georgia’s cat from chasing them off is the problem as she is territorial and aggressive.

I was busy doing not a lot for what remained of the morning. The afternoon was punctuated by Xanthippos returning from Paleochora with a new shower mixer. He says he will install it tomorrow. The shower is still dripping despite my attempts to stop it this morning. It is not possible to turn off the shower only all of the cold water for the entire bathroom.

Carol came to see the dogs and ask for the washing machine on Sunday morning. We worked out that Sunday might be the best drying day.

The Spanish couple have managed to get a replacement front wheel for one of their bikes which got caught on a tree as they arrived at the camping. I had a chat on the way back with the dogs and talked about places they might wish to visit during their stay. Important to keep the customers in the camping when you have them.

I prepared food for tonight during the afternoon and vacuumed out the van and the awning area. Rice is cooking as I write and the main event is finishing off in the Instant Pot.

The high for today is 18.2℃ and the low 14.7℃. More like the kind of temperatures we are used to. The southerly winds are bringing warm air from Africa but this it set to change on Sunday when it goes back to the north for a bit. Monday is predicted to be wet again.


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