Fairly lazy Sunday

More early morning rain signalled a later Early Walk. The 4.3mm fell between 03:45 and 06:00. We went out around 07:00 as I felt it would be a good idea to be sure of no repeat performance and my bed was warm and comfortable following the realignment of my mattress yesterday afternoon during the Great Bed Rework.

Our three circuits of the Promontory were quickly completed followed by a wander along the rocks for an uneventful passage across the break-over area. Back at the factory, I changed into running gear and set off for a Short Circuit around Kountoura. There were plenty of clouds but no rain: even a little sunshine at one point. My morning listening is now ‘So you think you’re so Smart’ a rundown of things we think are real but really a fabrication of our own minds. A core workout followed the run. A mere eleven minutes of exercises which appear to be simple but hurt after a few repetitions. All very good for body and soul no doubt.

A shower and then breakfast followed by a period of reflection which was ended by the departure of the Spanish couple who stayed only five of the seven days they’d paid for. They say they may return later in their trip. They now have a credit balance of some 23€.

Morning turned to afternoon as I read the Sunday Papers and busied myself with other non-essential activities. The morning sun turned to afternoon cloud and even some very light drizzle. I felt we should get the Evening Walk out of the way so we set off before 16:00 accompanied by aforementioned light drizzle which developed during the walk. At the end of the Promontory, we played ball and generally fooled about. The drizzle left for other locations and we wandered back. There was no one on the promontory only a lone car in the Grammeno Beach car park. A small boat accommodated a fisherman who drifted with the current in the direction of Paleochora.

The sky is very overcast, it is not cold as the high is 16.8℃ and the low 9.6℃ at the time of writing.

I shall probably entertain myself with the exploits of Captains OneDin and Bains later.

I watched Tom Hanks portray the New York lawyer James Donovan who defended a Cold War spy and then brokered his exchange for a downed U2 spy plane pilot and an American student who ended up on the wrong side of the Berlin wall. All very apposite since my recent listening to Stasiland – all about the Stasi, the DDR’s (GDR) secret police. James B Donovan (Tom Hanks) goes on to be responsible for negotiations between the US and Cuba following the Bay of Pigs invasion which was successfully defeated by the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces under the direct command of Fidel Castro. Mark Rylance plays the part of Soviet spy Abel Rudolf and Alan Alda Donovan’s boss. A good film I thought.

I think the pressure has now released from my reheating supper and Fido is probably bored being on the wrong side of the van door especially as it is now dark and cooler.


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