Wet again – what a surprise!

Captains OneDin and Bains survived a stormy trip to Portugal to deliver railway lines. James had loaded the ship to the gunnels and Samuel Plimsoll himself was aboard to witness how well a ship can survive a storm even when [over]loaded. James triumphed again! I went on to watch a film, ‘Eye in the sky’ with Helen Mirren starring as Colonel Katherine Powell in charge of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya. It’s a joint operation between the UK, US and Kenya. The US is supplying the surveillance drone which is also equipped with a couple of HellFire missiles for good luck. Kenya is the venue and UK pursuing the terrorists as the intelligence part of the story. Quite a gripping film with plenty of tension as the forces of the military, legal and political elements satisfy their own requirements. Worth a watch if it comes your way.

More early rain welcomed in the day so we didn’t go out until 07:00. We kept dry, walked and ran the rocks then came back to the camping whereupon it rained, just to show it was still involved. After the shower I ran and then did a short core workout. Those exercises seem easy but… Each day there are additional repetitions and I’m sure that guy counts quicker!

A very hot shower followed by breakfast. I’ll be scratching around tomorrow as a trip to the shops is overdue. I’ve got an appointment with Stavros in Maleme at 12:00 on Tuesday so will shop when I get back. If it’s not chucking it down, I’ll probably visit the German cemetery in Maleme too. The airfield in Maleme was an important target in Operation Mercury:

“At 08:00 on 20 May 1941, German paratroopers, jumping out of dozens of Junkers Ju 52 aircraft, landed near Maleme Airfield and the town of Chania. The 21st22nd and 23rd New Zealand battalions held Maleme Airfield and the vicinity. The Germans suffered many casualties in the first hours of the invasion, a company of III Battalion, 1st Assault Regiment lost 112 killed out of 126 men and 400 of 600 men in III Battalion were killed on the first day.[47] Most of the parachutists were engaged by New Zealanders defending the airfield and Greek forces near Chania. Many gliders following the paratroops were hit by mortar fire seconds after landing and the glider troops who landed safely were almost annihilated by the New Zealand and Greek defenders.[47] 

Some paratroopers and gliders missed their objectives near both airfields and set up defensive positions to the west of Maleme Airfield and in “Prison Valley” near Chania. Both forces were contained and failed to take the airfields but the defenders had to deploy to face them.[48] Towards the evening of 20 May, the Germans slowly pushed the New Zealanders back from Hill 107, which overlooked the airfield. Greek police and cadets took part, with the 1st Greek Regiment (Provisional) combining with armed civilians to rout a detachment of German paratroopers dropped at Kastelli. The 8th Greek Regiment and elements of the Cretan forces severely hampered movement by the 95th Reconnaissance Battalion on Kolimbari and Paleochora, where Allied reinforcements from North Africa could be landed.” Wikipedia – Battle of Crete

A number of support calls interrupted my day. Sue at Inter Sport Lewes and Maureen and Diana at EG. I wandered down to see Carol and David to say that I’ll not be around in the afternoon tomorrow to take their money but they said they might not even leave on Wednesday so not to worry.

Another shower put paid to the Evening Walk but the dogs have been quite active during the day as we received a visit from Skinny White Dog. Apparently, according to Dimitris, who was bringing me some more vegetables, there is someone who is paid by the local authority to collect up stray dogs. A kind of canine bounty hunter I suppose.

The dogs got fed and put to bed and my supper is reheating in the Instant Pot. A random container from the freezer which seems to have a lot of chunky vegetables. There will be different food on Wednesday as I’m shopping tomorrow.


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