A bit of a lie-in

Following the excitement of our journey to Maleme yesterday, I didn’t feel much like rushing out of bed as it was only 8℃ outside! We left around 06:45 and trundled around briskly in the brisk morning air. I didn’t need much persuading to go back to the camping although we went via the rocks for a change.

I had little enthusiasm for running as the wind was so cold but got changed and went out anyway. It was a struggle but I completed the shorter route as the day before. I had to deal with the washing machine before completing my core workout and shower. Breakfast was rather delayed, again, due to the washing machine. In the end, I unlocked the door and left them to get on with it.

Xanthippos needed the keys to all of the wooden cabins as he’d been instructed by Georgia to check them for ingress of water and dampness. Only Ξ1-3 were affected 1-2 due to rising dampness due to a buildup of soil and sand brought down during heavy rain. The ground level is now considerably higher than when they were built so I should imagine the timber supports for the floor are quite damp. There was damp up the walls from the junction with the floor.

I sent an email with photos for Georgia to consider and reckon Xanthippos will have his nose put out of joint if she follows my recommendations.

The day has been beautifully sunny if a little chilly. The wind dropped during the morning leave a warming sun and a clear blue sky. It was very pleasant under my canopy and I might even have dropped off at some point.

The young German family, which arrived yesterday afternoon have been out and about. They visited the end of the Promontory yesterday afternoon and were setting off for a walk when I met them earlier. There are two young children with their parents.

The time has passed quite quickly as I’ve been busy. Nothing particularly exciting but included a couple of support emails to EG and Inter Sport. I’ve also added a section in my customer invoice template to include an ID photo so that it’s easier to put a name to the face and for official purposes.

I went up to inspect the PukeMobile and decided it better to let it dry out before tackling the unpleasantness.

The dogs are enthusiastic about going out for the evening walk however I need to go and shut the windows to Ξ1-2 in case it rains or gets windy later.

The Evening Walk went well. We were out just before a magnificent sunset. Hopefully sunrise will be clear so I can get a look at Saturn and Mercury. There were too many clouds this morning. Hopefully too, it will warm up so I am more inclined to go out earlier.


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