Laziness kept me in bed as it was not particularly cold nor was it raining. So no excuse for lounging around in my pit until 06:15! I turned on the water heaters then took the dogs out for the Early Walk. Venus and Jupiter where shining brightly and were well up. As the actress might have said to the bishop. We walked and I had to abandon clothing as it was nearly 11℃ as opposed to the seven of a couple of days back. Together with a strong wind, that was cold. This morning with no wind and elevated temperatures, it was lovely.

Back at the factory, I changed and then ran before doing my core exercises. These get harder each day so we are up around twenty-two repetitions now with two sets of each exercise. My muscles are complaining slightly but the daily progress is fairly gentle so just enough to keep one interested without delivering pain. I turned on my porridge and went for a shower. It was then that I received a call from Monika, who is friends with the German couple with the cats, to say that Helmut fell over yesterday and his wrist was swollen. I suggested that they shouldn’t bother with the doctor in Paleochora but go straight to Kandanos where they have more facilities. The couple have a motorhome so I said I’d take them in the PukeMobile so long as they could stand the smell.

We arrived at Kandanos health centre but they reappeared quickly to say that they’d been referred to the hospital in Chania. Claudia said she could rent a small car in Paleochora and she would take Helmut. I suggested that it might be easier and save time if we went straight to Chania. She has no Greek and her English is not too strong. Helmut it seems was asleep during his school English classes.

The roads through the mountains were mostly clear of debris from the recent heavy rains and a JCB was just finishing off as we came past. The National Road is blocked by an earth slip so it’s necessary to divert via the Old National Road to avoid the slip. I dropped Helmut and Claudia near the entrance to the hospital then went off to find a parking place. People park so badly!

Claudia reappeared later to ask if I could come to talk to the staff as she was unsure of what to do. I’d been sitting writing emails and enjoying the sunshine, so a wander into the hospital was a welcome break. The A&E department is at the rear of the main building and was quite busy. I employed my extensive knowledge of the Greek language to ask the girl if the assistant behind the counter spoke English which she did – well. But at least I could understand the reply which Claudia was struggling with. I left them waiting to be called to see the doctor. An X-Ray had already been taken. I wandered around to check out the hospital stray dog collection and they found me before I them. They didn’t seem too interested and I had nothing to offer them. Two large confident dogs came up for a sniff before wandering off. A smaller, timid dog preferred to skirt around at a distance.

I arrived back at A&E to find they’d seen the doctor, the arm was not fractured and Helmut had a professional-looking strapping and a sling. We drove back to Grammeno through the mountains as the afternoon headed towards evening.

The dogs were pleased at my return so we went straight out for the evening walk, back to food and then bed. I’m eating from the freezer again as I’d not made the intended trip into Paleochora and felt it an imposition to go there on the way back from Chania. I felt the couple had had enough both physically and mentally and needed to get back to their cats. Claudia can go with Monika tomorrow and they can hire a car for a few days as they need to return to the hospital and wish to go on a few visits nearby.

My planned activities for the day included filling in my Income Tax return and cleaning up the PukeMobile. What a shame I was unable to complete either task! Chania and back through the mountains is far enough so I doubt I’ll have too much trouble sleeping tonight.

The Brown Dogs are snuggled up next to me and my supper is hopefully reheating in the Instant Pot. The beeper has just sounded so it will be ready to eat in a few minutes.


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