R I P D A V E + 1

I was awake from 05:45 so we were out a little earlier this morning. It was warm but cloudy however Venus and Jupiter were still in evidence. No chance for Saturn and Mercury due to clouds on the horizon. Dawn came and went as did sunrise. I just felt like enjoying the morning.

I ran and then did my core workout but refused to hurry. Hot having cold or rain for a change is a real blessing. With breakfast out of the way I settled down to not very much until brought back to reality by Carol who wished to do her washing at 09:00 tomorrow. We chatted, she stroked Obi then I wandered down to see David as apparently he’d been fretting about Brexit and the threat to their nomadic lifestyle. We talked about the roads to Iraklion as Carol is catch a flight from there next week. They have yet to decide what they are going to do. Take their van, hire a car, go on the bus….

Manuel, the German guy with the young children, came to see the dogs and ask for the washing machine. Their little ‘dirt collectors’ are particularly adept at creating dirty clothes as you’d expect. They are six months into their one year trip so are getting good at living in their van although they say that having two young children can sometimes be quite demanding.

The weather has been warm and sunny with a high of 18.7℃. The low is 11.7℃. I lost the will to cycle into Paleochora and have concocted something from everything at hand.

The Evening Walk was uneventful with Luis only losing his ball five times. I eventually put it in my pocket and he forgot all about it. Fido managed to hang onto his ball for the entire walk to return it to me at the end.

It was one year ago this evening that I trudged across the beach pushing a wheelbarrow containing Dave and a shovel. I remember digging in the light of my head torch then retracing my steps to remove the tell-tale wheel tracks leading from Dave’s final resting place to the gate of the camping. Dave seemed fairly relaxed as we walked past earlier.


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