It was not an easy night. Georgia’s cat was about which set Oskar off followed by Princess later and the dogs were generally a little restless. The sound of rain on the roof encouraged me to stay in bed until 06:45 whereupon I turned on the water heaters and marshalled the dogs. It drizzled a little while we were out and the sand was hard underfoot. We walked and they ran about as usual.

Back at the camping, I changed and went out as I wanted to be back by 09:00 as Carol had some washing to put in. I got back at 09:01 just as Carol and David walked up to the door of the laundry. I went back and did my core workout then went for a shower before breakfast.

Not long after, it was time for my weekly call home. By now the overcast sky started to brighten leading to a mostly sunny afternoon. After the call, I cycled into Paleochora for some shopping. Unfortunately, the spinach which I’d hoped to buy was not very appealing however I stocked up on loads of fruit and vegetables as well as 3kg of oats. At last there is a stock of the other, more moderately priced, brand of oats. I prefer them anyway not just because they are cheaper. The young German couple with the children pulled up on the seafront opposite Petrakis as they were going shopping too. I’d perused the vegan refrigerated shelf and could report that there were two brands of tofu as well as vegan cheese. We chatted briefly then I headed off back to Grammeno.

Xanthippos reported that they would be pruning the trees on Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday and might need for the motorhomes to budge up a bit. I relayed this information to David however he’s planning to take Carol to Iraklion on Tuesday or Wednesday so would be going anyway.

The ‘Army Lads’ are out on the Promontory so I’m waiting for them to disperse before I take the dogs out. I think they will have enough of ‘killing’ each other so will soon depart.

The sun is well down behind the storeroom so it’s beginning to get chilly, the sky is mostly blue and there’s a light easterly breeze. Today’s high is 17.3℃ and the low 11.2℃. There was 1mm rain this morning. There is a thunderstorm out to the West but it looks as though it is making little or no progress so we may be spared later. I’m going to put my grub for later into the Instant Post then we should be able to get out for the Evening Walk.

As dusk fell, the lads were leaving as we arrived on the Promontory. The moon is at 96% so was lighting our way as we were coming back. Night fell as I fed and put the dogs to bed. My supper is reheated from last night so I’m going to get on with it.

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